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Eastern Surplus provides Rahway NJ fire department with water rescue vehicle

With the high demand of water rescues in the city, the Rahway Fire Department introduced a new member to team. 'The Beast' is the latest addition to the department. This 5 ton water rescue vehicle was obtained after seeing the flood damage caused by Irene and than shortly after by Sandy throughout the city.

After discussing the possibility of obtaining said vehicle for several years now, "We shopped around and came across Eastern Surplus in Philadelphia," Chief William R. Young said. The vehicle was than brought toRahway and substantial improvements to the vehicle were made like placing larger tires, which provided an additional eight inches in height, making it possible to safely ride through nearly eight feet of water.

Battalion Chief Roberts shift was instrumental in stripping all the wood on the vehicle including the two 15-feet bench seating. Lights and emergency lightning was also installed throughout the vehicle. Local businesses were a key piece in making this happen.

This vehicle was obtain solely on donations from our community, predominantly from TheRahway Savings Institution. RahwayAuto Body donated the vehicle's paint job. The biggest improvement would be the response time.

It would take six men in a pickup truck with an inflatable to perform one vehicle rescue in an hours time, Batallion Chief Rick Misita said. Now we can do 4-5 rescues within two hours, Misita added. The department being the lead agency to perform rescues and adding the increase of yearly storms, felt it was imperative to have this type of vehicle. This vehicle is not only providing safety to our firefighters, civilians ofRahway, but most importantly a more efficient response time.

Mayor Samson Steinman said," I am very pleased with the addition of the fire department's water rescue vehicle. Vehicle has already been utilized to perform seven water rescues this year between April and June."

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