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About Eastern Surplus

David Newman of Eastern Surplus with one of the military vehicles he sells

David Newman of Eastern Surplus
with one of the military vehicles he sells

Eastern Surplus was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1999 by David Newman - Sole Owner and President. The business was started as a “hobby” and was built from scratch. We now have 15 full time mechanics and technicians working in our 30,000 sq. ft. truck refurbishing and parts warehouse facility in Philadelphia, PA.

We have been providing components and tactical systems for various end users including, but not limited to, foreign military governments, foreign contractors, domestic U.S. oil and gas industry, timber industry and heavy construction contractors. Particular focus has been on design & building of custom vehicles for police departments and emergency management agencies for purposes of responding to disaster situations. We are also active in the commercial/industrial end-user market and have a strong customer base with reliable references, specifically in the oil and gas industry and the logging industry.

One of our most notable programs in the foreign military field is a full refurbishment program of 800 Series 5 Ton Military Trucks to a high standard usable condition. The trucks were built and successfully delivered for the Moroccan Military. A similar project was just completed during which we reconditioned 25 each M35A2 cargo trucks for the Philippine Military.

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