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M871 22 ton flatbed trailer


M871 22 Ton Flatbed 5th Wheel Trailer


The M871, 22 1/2-ton breakbulk/container transporter semitrailer is designed to carry either conventional or ANSI/ISO containerized cargo, on highways or off road. It is towed by the M915-series line haul tractor or tractor trucks from tactical truck series.

The M871 semitrailer is designed to be towed over smooth, hard-surfaced roads with loads up to 22 1/2-tons (20,250 kg) at speeds as high as 55 mph (88 km/h). It can also be towed over unimproved roads, trails and open rolling terrain with the same loads but at a lower sustained speed of up to 10 mph (16 km/h). The M871 semitrailer is equipped with air brakes. The M-871 uses a two-axle, 8-wheel suspension and carries a spare wheel with tire horizontally in a rack under the cargo bed.

The M-871 has a 30ft cargo bed set up to lock on to 20 foot standard ANSI/ISO containers. The lockdown points will attach NATO-standard compliant containers, pallets, and shelter bodies. Three TRICON containers can be carried in the space of one 20ft ISO container.

Two retractable supports at the front of the trailer are used when it is not attached to a tractor. Two storage lockers are available beneath the cargo bed, used primarily for the storage of minor tools and the materials necessary to lash down cargo. The trailers may be fitted with side and rear boards for the transport of loose cargo (a headboard is standard on these trailers and non-removable.) The side panels added may be fixed or hinged, and the rear panel may be fixed or used as a tailgate.


Eastern Surplus Inventory #

GVW Weight
45,000 lb