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Tires / Wheels and Accessories


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Last Updated:  09-16-2015


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TIRES- (Mounted on wheels and un-mounted)

14.00 x 20 Bias, NATO tread, 90% or better tread. $375 each

Michelin XZL 365/80R20 radial tire. Unused surplus. This is a great-replacement for the Michelin XL 14.5R20 radial tire on your  M35A3 2 ton 6x6 truck. $850 Each
HMMWV radial tires, Goodyear 37x12.50x16.5

90% used- good high treads $200. Each 

100% New, unused surplus 5-8 years old average $345. Each

JUST IN- 395/85R20- MICHELIN XZL- THESE ARE NEW/UNUSED TIRES-Tire only- with run flats installed- $625 EACH

Used 14.5 x 20 Michelin Tires OEM on M35A3 1 1/2 Ton Trucks. Up to 50% tread remaining, Weathered/ cracked, will hold air.

Limited Supply

Tire Alone $165 each

Tire and Rim $390 each

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Michelin XZL- 395/85R20 with factory run flat on new 10 hole rim for 5 ton trucks, tires are 100% unused – $1350 each

10- GOOODYEAR G177- 11 x 20- on 10 hole rims- $275 each

Michelin XZL- 16 x 20- 85% or better, 53 inches tall, 12,000 lb rating, 24 ply,  $550 each

14 x 20- GOODYEAR AT2A-50 inches tall, excellent condition, 9,960 Lbs. rating $350 each

395/85 x R20 Radial Tires-Michelin XML  and Goodyear MVT. 

Approximately 70% remaining tread on average - $375 each


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11 x 20 Non Directional tires.  On and off rims, 50% up to 100% tread remaining.

Off rim @ 80% tread - $195       On rim @ 80% tread - $275 

Off rim @ 100% tread/unused - $225    On rim @ 100% tread/unused - $300


9.00 x 20  Tires, New, Bias, non directional, $295

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DUAL 14 x 20 - (Tube type) FLOTATION TIRES ON YOUR 5 TON TRUCK REAR AXLE- Great for off road muddy and sandy conditions where increased ground coverage is mandatory-call for our conversion kit pricing 

468.  16.00 X 20 GOODYEAR AT2A- SUPER SINGLE RADIAL TIRES & RIMS for 5 Ton Trucks-  Radial Tires, 90-95% tread remaining, mounted on rims $895 per wheel/tire.  These rims will allow you to run single tires on your 5 ton truck without having to modify the wheel spacing.

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 (M35-278) 9.00 x 20.00 Tires on 6 hole rims for M35A2 Deuce & a Half- 2 1/2 ton, will also fit GMC M211 series deuce, $225 each.

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Continental- 12.5 x 20 - 12 Ply, excellent condition, $325 each

Michelin XZL 365/85R20 and 395/85R20 radial tires, New-Old-Stock (NOS). Mounted on aluminum NOS Hutchinson wheels- made for MRAP vehicle. NSN 2530-01-560-8477, PN AS-0517-037. $1495 each. (will separate)

14 x 20 Michelin XZL 9900 lb sidewall rating NEW $625 each.


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Michelin XL 12.5 x 20, XL 12-ply - $300 each




10 Hole, super single rim.  Used to run large single tires with tube. $335 each

(TR-149)  Wheel, Budd Style, 20 inch diameter, 6 hole.  NSN: 2530-00-738-9620, PN: 7389620.  NOS. $199 each ( new lock rings available, see below

Split rim lock ring.  20 inch. NSN: 2530-00-738-9061, PN: 7389061.  NOS. $69 each

Rim & lock ring kit. NSN: 2530-00-603-5768, PN: 7388820. (PN: Rim 7389493.  PN: Lock ring 7389061). NOS. $320 per kit

(HM-434)  Rubber insert, run flat. Diameter is 16.5”.  NSN: 2640-01-419-6202, PN: 12342638-1.  NOS. $75 each

(HM-314)  Rim, 1/2 ,16.5 inches, 12 studs.  NSN: 2530-01-417-4908, PN: 12460177.  NOS. $225 each

(HM-250)  HMMWV  Wheel, 2 piece, with studs and nuts. NSN:  2530-01-160-9569, PN:89305. Good used $97 each

Wheel, M1000 Tank retriever trailer, 10 Hole Pattern, 19” Diameter, 1.255” Mounting Hole Diameter, 6.490” Pilot Hole Diameter, 6.750 Overall Width, 8.750 Mounting Bolt Circle Diameter. NSN 2530-01-326-9201, PN 28112BLKCARC. NOS. $325 each

WHEEL, for Bridge Trucks- M139, M812, M945 etc. Double lock ring- Tube type.  Allows for running DUAL flotation tires on the 5 ton trucks.  NSN: 2530-01-289-3962, PN: 12356821.  NOS. $335 each

MRAP wheel with studs and nuts. Aluminum construction. NSN 2530-01-565-2157, PN AI-1184-036. Weight 64 lbs. Good used. $225 each


MRAP- Heavy-duty 10-hole wheels, 20x10, PN 05-15913, 11” center-opening, Steel construction. Excellent used condition- $225. Each


NEW WHEELS- 24 inch- tube type with lock ring-NSN# 2530-00-144-61084- $225 each

10 Hole Budd style wheels for 5 ton trucks $85

HEMAT trailer wheels, 10-hole, 19.5, New, unused, NSN 2530-01-157-4174, PN 512797000060.  $445. Each 


Overall width: 14.490 inches nominal
Mounting hole diameter: 1.255 inches minimum and 1.285 inches maximum
Mounting hole quantity: 10
Effective width: 12.250 inches nominal
Mounting bolt circle diameter: 11.250 inches nominal
Pilot hole diameter: 8.725 inches nominal
Design type: integral rim
Mounting face type: convex
Design form: disk
Mounting type for which designed: single tire
Disk type: single
Lightening hole: not included
Offset distance from rim centerline to outside wheel mounting face: 0.440 inches nominal
Hub characteristic: demountable

NEW- Military Issue SINGLE RIMS for your M35A2 or M35A3- enables you to run single tires, without “ flipping the hubs”. 

These are 2 piece rims, with all of the nuts to bolt the halves together, new o-ring, new valve stem $545 each


Click photo for larger image.

Eastern Surplus is now manufacturing their own custom SUPER SINGLE RIMS, these rims will allow you to run single tires on your M35A2 in either the steer or drive position without having to “ flip the hubs” or modify the axle ends.  The wheels are reversible and the lug holes are double chamfered to accommodate the lug nuts on ANY AXLE POSITION.  We offer these with or without tires.  They are all tubeless design, 1/2 inch center disk manufacture.

Tires available:  Michelin & Goodyear- 395/85 R20 and similar

The rims and tires are in stock for immediate shipment- NO WAIT

Rims $575 each- FOB our yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- we can ship truck freight

Tires- price on request (can supply or supply and mount)

Single Wheels for 5 ton 900 & 800 series trucks- these are NEW Single 2 Piece rims- Will accept Tires:14 x 20, 395/80R 20, 16 x 20 – Each rim comes will nuts for the 2 halves, New Orig, New Valve Stem-$525 each


Click photo for larger image.

Super Single rims- HEMTT, 2 piece TUBELESS for HEMTT and 5 ton trucks. Standard 10 bolt pattern. 20 “ diameter, 10 inches wide, HEAVY DUTY, come with new o-ring and valve stem $525 each

Click photo for larger image.

MRAP wheel with studs. INNER RIM ONLY, New. Aluminum construction. NSN 2530-01-565-2157, PN AI-1184-036. Weight 64 lbs. $265 each

Rim 1/2, wheel, pneumatic,  MRAP.  NSN: 2530-01-565-2585, PN: W-1160-041.  NOS. $115 each


(SP-1149)  Trak International, pneumatic tire wheel, rim style: 11, PN: 6615933,NSN 2530-0144-1084- 12 hole pattern NEW $ 39 each


PARTS & ACCESSORIES for tires and wheels

Gaither tubeless truck tire tool.  All large diameter tires.  NSN: 5180-01-355-2166, PN: 12880.  NOS.  $29.00 for parts shown. (note: These are components from a larger tire changing system which is NOT inlcuded)

(HM-495)  Run flat, 16.5 inches. NSN: (old) 2530-01-161-2114, (new) 2640-01-161-2114, PN: 12338803.  NOS. $215 each

(HEM-122) Valve, tire, pneumatic.  NSN: 2640-01-103-3631, PN: WH-52-245C.  NOS. $14 each


Note: Upon request- sold separately large bore adapter reduces large bore to standard bore air fitting.

(HM-307)  16 1/2" O-Ring, for two piece wheel. NSN: 5331-01-335-8878, PN: 12342633.  NOS. $9.00 each

(HM-346)  Lubricant, run flat. NSN: 2640-01-262-9517, PN: 12339497.  NOS. $19 per pair

L ring seal for 20” wheels.  Used as an air seal device where the tire bead contacts the bead seat of the rim.  This may be necessary primarily when the bead seat area is not fully compatible with the tire bead.  PN: F9841. NOS. $11 each

Inner Tube- 1400R20, Long centered valve-stem, NOS, $125. Each

(9M-701)  Stem, Valve , NSN 4820-01-210-8821, PN 1230110, NEW $49 each

Two-piece wheel stud, (Self-locking-type), 2 1/2 “ over-all length, 5/8” length of threads, New, NSN 5307-01-393-5628, PN 031893000013, PN 03189300. $9 each.

Wheel-stud,(Left-only), 3 1/8” over-all length, 1/4” length of threads New, NSN 5306-01-186-1174, PN R004968L, PN 491205C1$9 each

Chains for 9.00 x 20 tires- NSN 2540-00-933-9024- NEW military surplus $75 each

O-rings for 2 piece wheels- 20 inch, 2 1/2 ton and 5 ton $ 17.00 each

Tire Flaps- For inside tube type tires- 9.00 x 20, 11 x 20, 14 x 20, 16 x 20- Used- call or email for price

Inner tubes- For inside tube type tires- 9.00 x 20, 11 x 20, 14 x 20, 16 x 20- Used- call or email for price

Valve stems-for HEMTT and 900 series and M35A3 2 piece wheels, PN N-1268, NSN 2640-01-354-9424  NEW  $7.00 each

Valve stems – as shown- NSN 2640-01-354-9424 - Part # 1268  $7.00


Valve stems for 2 piece rims- these will fit HEMMTT/900 Series/M35A3 single tire wheels - New $12.00 each

2 piece wheel bolts $3.00 each- NEW
(MA3-613)  Wheel stud for Trucks with CTIS system- allows air to pass through, NEW, Left and right in stock, $19 each (comprm)
(COM-3060)  Wheel Studs- extra long $9 each
(COM-3077)    Wheel studs- standard length $7.00 each
(ALL-5075)  Lug nuts - front/inner/outer - $6/each
 Valve cap - New $1.00
Inner tubes for all size tires

Click photo for larger image.

Run Flats for single tires - Good Used $250
Bead Locks, 20 inch diameter, 2 styles: opening and solid $ 75 each
Valve stem extension part# 331 NSN 2640-00-242-7619- NEW- $19 each

(SP-1120)  Inner tube  NSN 2610-00-405-4366- 9.00 x 10- $45


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To purchase listed items, or obtain more information regarding pricing and availability,

please email or call toll free 855-332-0500.