Inventory Parts Specials

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Last Updated:  09-16-2015



(HM-513)  Fording, Installation Kit, Engine Exhaust System/ Deep Water Fording Kit. NSN: 2590-01-319-5435 (Updated NSN: 2990-01-319-5435), PN: 5705693. NOS. $1875.00 per kit

$1,175.00 Each for a limited time!!

(M35-355)  Lining, Parking Brake shoe, Inner Lining. NSN: 2530-00-736-8682 (Old NSN: 2530-00-904-2581, 2530-00-289-7206, 2530-00-537-0647), PN: 7368682. NOS. $7.00 each- INNER LINING ONLY

(SP-1299)  Tailgate. Kaiser Jeep, M715 Family 1 Ton. USED. Sold

(5T-785)  Clamp, Loop/ Boot Clamp Set. NSN: 5340-00-734-6976, PN: 98884-R11. NEW. $5.00 per pair

(SP-1297)  Top, Nesting, Shipping Box/ 40”x48”/Tri-Wall/Gaylord. Uni-Pak Shipping Container Top with Slide Lock Devices. Shipping or Storage Container. NSN: 8115-01-444-0211 (Old NSN: 8115-01-375-4506), PN: UP404820SS001. NEW. $5.99 each

(M35-352)  Head Lamp Retention Bracket, Right Hand with new rubber. NSN: 2510-00-737-6621 (Superseded by NSN: 6220-00-737-6621), PN: 7376621. NOS. $12.00 each

(HM-530)  Rack Assembly, Radio. NSN: 2540-01-250-7590, PN: 12340581. NOS. $12.00 each

(COM-3241)  Hose, Heater, Defroster Duct Hose, Length 59 Inches. Common Application. NSN: 4720-01-088-9681, PN: 11648560-2. NOS. $13.00 each

(SP-1291)  Chain Assembly & Single Leg 3/4" Pin. NSN: 4010-00-678-4092, PN: 543350. NOS. $7.00 each.

(SP-1291)  Gerry can, 5 Gallon Fuel Can, Military. NSN: 7240-01-502-4390, PN: 9810011200. USED. $55.00 each

(SP-1289)  Shackle, Trailer, Common, M101A1, M116A1 Chassis Trailer and HMMWV. NSN: 4030-01-371-9331, PN: 12355838. USED. $12.00 each

(HM-524)  Door, Vehicular, Soft Top Door, Front Left Hand, Tan Door Complete, Includes hinges and handle. NSN: 2510-01-330-6174, PN: 12340231-3. NOS. $57.00 each.

(M35-348)  Fender, Left Hand, Drivers Side. M35A2. NSN: 2510-00-065-0952, PN: 10872064. NOS. $395.00 each.

(M35-347)  Fender, Right Hand, Passenger Side. NSN: 2510-00-489-6005, PN: 10872065-1. NOS. $250.00 each.

(SP-1288)  Kitchen, portable, M59A Field Range Outfit. NSN: 7360-01-479-0312 PN: 5-11-2090. NOS. $400.00 each as shown

(SP-1287)  Boot, Spark Plug. Common Application. PN: 026100914. NOS. $3.00 per set of 4

(SP-1286)  Cup, Injector/ Cup, Priming. Bradley Fighting Vehicle BFVS, Cummins Engine VTA903T. NSN: 2815-01-305-0052 PN: 3047503. NOS. $5.00 each

(COM-3240)  Shade, Window, Van Body/Trailer. NSN: 6220-00-040-2094 PN: 8328353 NOS. $33.00 each

(RAD-146)  Kit, Installation, Electronic Equipment. Position Locating Recovery System (PLRS), Enhanced Position Locating Recovery System (EPLRS). NSN: 5895-01-375-6340 PN: A3102073 NOS. $435.00 per kit

(HEM-138)  Pulley, Wrecker Pulley- Grove Crane-LVS/MK18. NSN: 3020-01-430-7331 PN: 2151820U NOS. $99.00 each

(FM-152)  Driver Door shell for FMTV / LMTV NSN 2510-01-521-5373 and NSN 2510-01-516-7241; PN 12423442; NOS

$199 each

(SP-1277)  Kit, Parts, rebuild, Carburetor, Holley. (NSN: 2910-00-562-0441 PN# 8331877). NSN: 2910-00-740-9140 PN: 85R-241 NOS. $5.00 per kit

(COM-3145) DOOR-Passenger side ONLY, these are brand NEW, NSN 2510-01-083-1112 replaced by NSN 2510-00-737-3294, PN -7397674, Special price $99.00

(9M-133) Rockwell Transfer case-Model T-1138, NSN 2520-01-144-1528, for M939 series trucks-- good used

Special Price $900

(ALL-5178)  Fan, Dash Mount, Maradyne Corp., 24 Volt, vehicular. NSN: 4140-01-303-8271 PN: 3301-24V NOS. $29.75 each

(SP-1276)  Carburetor, Holley. NSN: 2910-00-562-0441 PN: 8331877 NOS. $125.00 each

(5T-780)  Lever, Manual Control, Transfer case Control. NSN: 2520-00-864-3016 PN: 8332237 NOS. $23.00 each

(COM-3238)  Molding, trim, TOP SECTION, Door Weather-strip Retainer, Soft Top, 31 Inch length. NSN: 2540-00-472-1691. PN: 11593327. NOS. $11.00 each ( note we have the rubber weather-stripping available)

(M35-337)  Sleeve, Input, Shaft, Transmission-Spicer 5 speed 3052/3053. NSN: 2520-00-508-4664 PN: 7520989. NOS. $23.00 each


(M35-333)  Link, drag, steering.  NSN: 2530-00-930-1965, PN: 10897161. NSN: 2530-00-752-1371 PN: 7521371  NOS $35.00 each/Used $25.00 each

(M35-336)  Connect Link, Rigid/Rod Assembly, Clutch linkage, Adjustable. NSN: 2540-00-752-0977, NSN: 2520-00-737-3352 (replaced by 3040-00-752-0977) PN: 7520977. NOS. $11.00 each

(5T-772)  Cylinder Sleeve and Piston Assembly. Mack Diesel Engine Model ENDT-673, Uses 6 per Engine.  NSN: 2815-00-889-6225 PN: 509GCA123. NOS. $49.00 per Liner/piston

(COM-3236)  Lead Assembly, Electrical, Gauge. NSN: 2590-00-220-5105 PN: 8376502. NOS. $10.00 each

(SP-1266)  Universal Joint, Winch Driveshaft GMC 1 TON,2 WHEEL DRIVE TRUCK 1976-86,G35 SERIES NSN: 2520-00-508-1566 PN: 5-178X NOS

$26 each

(5T-630)  Belt set, Power Steering pump.  250NHC Cummins powered trucks. NSN: 3030-00-832-4312, PN: MS51066.  NOS. $9.00 per pair/set.

Hub, Wheel/axle  M715.  NSN: 2530-933-3583, PN: 943657.  NOS. $39 each


(TR-104)  Chassis trailer- 9.00 x 20 tires. $800 each. Provided with Bill of Sale.


(TR-157) Generator Trailer Chassis.  NSN 2330-01-542-6775.  PN: 13230E6565. As shown:

Sold Call for Similar

(SP-1264)   Pintle Assembly, Towing. All M51/M74/M88/M88A1/Recovery Vehicle. NSN: 2540-00-877-7157.  PN: 8744378. NOS- removed. $199 each

(ALL-5177)  Inflator-Gauge Pneumatic Tire. Common Application. NSN: 4910-21-920-4694.  PN: 10603682. Used- excellent condition- $59 each

(SP-1149)  Trak International, pneumatic tire wheel, rim style: 11, PN: 6615933,NSN 2530-0144-1084- 12 hole pattern NEW $39 each

(ALL-5176)  Lock, pintle hitch. NSN: 2540-21-892-2522, PN: 11609012.  NOS. $15 each

(5T-760)  Cylinder, boom lift.  Wrecker M62.  NOS. $775 each


(ALL-5175)  Cushion, seat.  76" by 22" M1070 HET. GREAT FOR CARGO TRUCK BENCH SEATS!  NSN: 2540-01-153-8448, PN: 2540V0800.  NOS. $75 each

Green Rubber Military Wet Weather Overshoes/ Boots Men's Size 8  $7 each

Heavy duty fiberglass containers. Bin. Tote. Stackable. Nesting.  Measurements 25x18x10”, weigh 8 Pounds each.  Used.

$2.75 each


(9M-690)  Gun Ring Mount Kit.  Includes all parts shown only. Legs, ring, mounts as shown.  Was removed from an M939 series 5 ton truck. This kit mounts over the top of the cab on the M939A1/A2,  5 ton truck.  $3500 for the kit

(ALL-5173)  Terminal, negative battery.  Common application.  NSN: 5940-00-549-6583, PN: MS75004-2.  New. $9.00 each

(ALL-5172)  Terminal, positive battery.  Common Application.  NSN: 5940-00-549-6581, PN: MS75004-1.  New. $9.00 each

(5T-734)  Resistor, Heater speed control.  NSN: 5905-00-419-5885, PN: 11664683.  NOS. $29 each

(ALL-5171) Cargo Cover Super Cord for M35, M809 and M939 Series Troop Carriers/ Cargo Trucks. This is a New replacement for your dry rotted cord. We send enough cord to restring your cover with some extra for good measure.

$129 includes domestic shipping

(ALL-5170)  Fitting, bulkhead.  Common application.  NSN: 4730-01-245-6925, PN: 207ACBHS-4.  NOS.

Call For Availability

(5T-752)  Hood for M54A1 Mack Diesel & M54A2 Multi-fuel 5 Ton Trucks NOS $99

(HM-361)  Lower boot, lever, parking brake. NSN: 2530-01-188-8446, PN: 12338291.  NOS. $7.00 each

(COM-3224)  Rubber cover, horn button, Vintage/Original packaging. NSN: 2540-735-1271. NOS. As shown with tube $14 each. Without tube $5 each

(SP-1251)  Hook, towing, HEAVY. Various applications:  M548, M548A1, M113A1, M911 & M1070.  NSN: 2540-00-679-8035, PN: 10861607.  Used. $29 each

(SP-1250)  Chain, link, safety, with hammer lock.  Total length 13 inches. Used. $9 each

(SP-1249)  Hook, safety, chain/slip, 3/8”, with hammerlock connector. Used. $19 each

(MA3-646)  Hose, Lower Radiator, 2 inch diameter.  M35A3.  NSN: 4720-01-407-2946, PN: 12448574.  Alternate NSN: 4720-01-408-1540. NOS. $29 each

(TR-151)  Trailer, Cargo, Jeep, ton.  NSN: 2330-00-706-5495, PN: M416. Original US Military issue. Used. This will come with bill of sale only, no title. $895

(SP-1246)  Motor, Direct Current, 24V DC- Misc. application.  M551 /M551A.  NSN: 6105-00-116-5214, PN: 8720780-1.  NOS. $23 each

(SP-1244)  Pump, Fuel transfer.  50 GPM 24V DC.  Will run off of truck Slave Jumper Cable outlet. NSN: 4320-01-047-1927, PN: 13217E7135.  Used. $395 each


(COM-3220)  Plug, Magnetic, differential drain.  Application: Rockwell Top-Loader Axle. 2 ton & 5 ton trucks.  NSN: 4730-00-595-4827, PN: 7521743.  NOS. $6.00 each

(COM-3084)  Compressor, air.  Applicable to all Multi-Fuel diesel engine powered trucks.  NSN: 4310-00-863-3155, PN: N-7502-E.  NOS. $225 SPECIAL PRICE.  Good used available for $115 each

(HM-294)  Cable, winch, with hook, Single leg steel wire rope, 100 feet long .375 inches in diameter. NSN: 4010-01-496-3987, PN: 983-19-50025.  NOS. $125

(SP-1239)  48V Power supply. Common Application, and for Avaya 1120SA telephone for SCIF users.  NSN: N/A, PN: FSP025-1AD207A.  NOS. $14 each

(HM-290)  Gunners platform. NSN: 2540-01-249-1584, PN: 45481-11.  NOS. $275 per kit

(SP-1238)  Seat cushion. Gama goat-M561.  NSN: 2540-00-880-3927, PN: 11595117.  NOS. $35 each set (cover and cushion)  Sold Out

(SP-1237)  Air pressure replacement gauge cartridge for air glad hand hose. NOS. $47 each

(M35-311)  Adapter, Brake drum. NSN: 2530-00-406-1466, PN: A-3268-P-172.  NOS. $19 each

(SP-1233)  Hood, Fireman’s, Aluminized.  NSN: 8415-01-125-5341, PN: MIL-H-29144.  NOS. $115 each

(SP-1222)  First aid kit container. CONTAINER ONLY- NO CONTENTS  NSN: 6545-00-922-1200, PN: MIL-C-36961.  Used. $23 each

(HM-262)  Hood prop rod/eye bolt.  HMMWV.  NSN: 5306-01-186-7129, 12339435.  NOS. $4.00 each

(COM-3119)  Dipstick, Engine Oil, Threaded.  Multi Fuel diesel engine application.  NSN: 6680-00-887-1334, PN: 10912158. NOS $21 each.  Good used $12 each

(M35-307)  M35A2, M35A3 Boot, Tie rod, rubber. NSN: 2530-00-752-1606, PN: 7521606.  NOS. $3.99 each

(HM-246) HMMWV Stryker Mobile computer mounting bracket. Kits include ONLY THOSE ITEMS SHOWN. NSN: 5340-12-372-1961     PN: 200-00041. $99 per kit exactly as shown

(HM-245) HMMWV Stryker HMMWV Mobile computer mounting bracket. Kits appear complete. NSN:  5340-12-372-1961  PN:  200-00041. $125 per kit exactly as shown

(HM-244) HMMWV Stryker Mobile computer mounting bracket. Small plate version.  NSN: 5340-12-372-1961  PN: 200-00041. $125 per kit exactly as shown

(COM-3205)  Douglas Electrical connectors,-AS SHOWN- bundle of ten with leads. NOS- removed from un-issued MRAPS.  $3.00 per bundle of 10 leads.  Ships USPS most effectively

(COM-3204)  Douglas Electrical connectors,-AS SHOWN- bundle of ten with leads. NOS- removed from un-issued MRAPS.  $3.00 per bundle of 10 leads.  Ships USPS most effectively

(MRAP-102)  LED Side Marker Lights - Take offs from unissued MRAPs.  Directly replaces older 7261919-1, MS35423-2, and 12338610-2. $19 each

(MRAP-101)  Mud Flap, heavy duty, with mounting bracket and fold up hook- common application.  NOS Take-offs from unissued MRAPs. $19 each

(COM-3209) M Series Stator, alternator. NSN: 2920-01-242-1133, PN: AMA-3008. NOS. $89 each

(COM-3208)  Wire harness tie downs.  These were removed from Un-issued MRAPS. NOS. $7 for 10 tie downs.  (Not sold individually)

(COM-3207)  Red reflectors. These NOS take offs from unissued MRAPS.  NSN:  2590-00-227-9454  PN: MS35387-1. GROTE 40162 Diameter 3 5/8 “. $7.75 per PAIR ( 2 reflectors for $7.75)

(COM-3203)  Back up light for common application. 12 to 24 volt. NOS Take-offs from unissued MRAPs.  NSN 6220-01-375-3530.  PN 12378501. $21 each

(COM-3202)  Back-up alarm for Common application.  12 to 24 volt. NOS Take offs from unissued MRAPs.  NSN 6350-01-319-9161.  PN MRP21129. $19  each

(COM-3201)  LED Tail-Rear/Brake Lights – All M Series Vehicles – These are NOS Take- offs from unissued MRAPs.  NSN 6220-01-544-5793, 6220-01-544-5776.  PN 82042. $119 per pair (2 lights)

(COM-3200) M Series Strap assembly, attaches to cargo cover bow corner. NSN: 5340-00-930-2717. PN: 10937882. NOS. $4.50 each

(SP-1207)  Tool Box. NSN 2540-01-270-7590, PN 12329104. NOS. (Tools not included). $32 each

(ALL-5156) M Series Horn Button Kit. NSN 2590-01-093-4152, PN 11677308. NOS. $47 per kit as shown

(HM-131) HMMWV Seat, Rear Passenger and Driver Front Positions NSN 2540-01-436-4175, PN 12446712-3. NOS. $290 each May fit Commander Position with Modification.

(ALL-5155)  Boarding ladder with hooks, Steel Construction. NSN 2540-00-735-6179, PN 8757809. 53 lbs. each. NOS. $345 each

(ALL-5145)  Boarding Ladder. 5 Step version, steel construction. Traction steps. Connection to tailgate or bed side will need to be fabricated on your vehicle $595 each

(ALL-5143)  Boarding Ladder. “Hang over tire” version, steel construction. Traction steps. $125 each

(ALL-5142)  Boarding Ladder. 3 Step version, steel construction. Traction steps. Free standing. $295 each

(ALL-5136)  Boarding Ladders, NSN 2540-00-868-5661, New surplus, unissued, 45” Height with 3-steps.  $74 Each
(ALL-5135)  Ladder, Boarding, Aluminum, NSN-2540-01-205-0071, NOS.  With hand rails $1500, without Hand rails $1200 each

(ALL-5154)  Cable with lead- Single Leg Wire Rope Assembly.  Approx. 60 feet long. PN RRW410, NSN 4010-00-264-5062. NOS. $95 each

(SP-1201)  Rear-view Mirror Assembly, For MRAP or common application, NSN 2540-01-542-0896, PN 1000473. NOS. $77 each

(5T-718) M800, M939  Fuel Injector for Cummins Diesel NHC 250- Small Cam/855CI. NSN 2910-01-218-5155, PN 3046281. NOS $215 each

(COM-3193) M Series Toe Board- transmission tower cover, NSN 2510-00-403-0917, PN 7370250, NOS. $3.75 each

(5T-716)  Outer Wheel Seals For 5-Ton Trucks (M54.M809/M939A1). NSN 5330-00-961-3596, PN 10003773. NOS. $7 each

(COM-3191) M Series Windshield wiper control/air switch. NSN 4820-00-753-9695; PN 7539695. NOS. $37 each

(9M-701)  Stem, Valve , NSN 4820-01-210-8821, PN 1230110, NEW $49 each

(SP-1196)  Fuel Monitor, 350 GPM, for Supply Point Fuel System. NSN 4930-01-094-0026, PN 77C5209A0000. NOS in original crate. $199 each

(SP-1188)  Military Tri-Fold Shovel. Government-issue. NSN 5120-01-518-6126. NOS but some weathering. $29 each

(HM-239)  Hard Top with Gunner Hole for HMMWV. NSN2510-01-236-6488  PN 5595393. NOS. in original wooden shipping crate.  Truck freight or pickup only.  $1475 each


(COM-3184)  Cover- Front Marker Light Wiring protector/Cover (Mounts underneath front fender). NSN 2510-21-892-2936, PN 1507397581. NOS. $3.75 each

Winterization Manual

(HM-111)  Winterization/Artic cab top kit.  These are NOS kits, complete with all hardware for a 4 man HMMWV. 

HWMMV Soft Top 4-Man Crew Winterization kit.  NSN 2540-01-199-2390, PN 5705692.  Fits M1097, M1036A1, M1036, M998A1, M998

Includes Insulated Top & Doors, “B” Pillar, Hardware and Instructions. In wooden crate- ready to ship via truck freight. 

While Supplies Last  $995.00 per kit

(M35-242) CARGO COVER KITS-NEW-vinyl - WHITE IN COLOR for 2 1/2 ton trucks with standard 12 foot long cargo bed. Includes NEW cover, new bows and corners and uprights.  $495 per kit. Ships truck freight
(ALL-5065)   Reflector Triangle sets- 3 per set with case NEW $21.00 (Wrhse)

(COM-3179)  Slave/Jumper Cable Connector Adapter. Converts 2 pic to NATO 1 pin.

NSN: 5935-00-322-8959, PN: 11677570. $85 each

(COM-3178) M Series Complete Driver side door. Loaded with window glass and operators. NSN: 2510-00-737-3293, PN: 7373293. NOS. $895 each

(M35-284)  Transfer Case Idler Shaft For Rockwell transfer case. M35/M35A2/M35A3 Trucks. NSN: 3040-010-752-1340, PN: 7521340. NOS. $45 each

(5T-705)  Cargo Cover Kit. Three Color Camo green with complete support Bow set for standard 5 ton 14 foot long bed. NSN: 2540-00-121-9082, PN: 11672523. NOS. $1300 per kit

(M35-281) Winch Cable with chain and hook for Garwood 10,000 lb. winch (M35A2/M35A3 Trucks- front bumper mounted). NOS. Sold AS-IS. No warranty. $299 each
(ALL-5071)   Mattox with plastic handle and carry bag for head.  New - $97




(ALL-5144)   Towing Kit/Tow Bar kit. Multiple application. NSN 2540-01-577-2423, PN: 3829488. NEW.

Special Reduced Price!!!    $1900 per kit

 Kit Includes: Medium Tow Bar, NSN: 2540-01-577-3693 PN: 3834791      QTY- 1

Adapter, HMMWV Machining ( Tow Bar End), NSN: 2530-01-520-6537, PN: 340624        QTY- 1 Pair

Adapter, MTVR, IBIS TEK ( Aluminum Tow Bar End), NSN- 2540-01-577-3988, PN: 3834905,      QTY- 1 Pair

Link, Tow Bar Adapter, NSN: 2540-01-577-3987, PN: 3834756,       QTY- 1 Pair

Pin, Cargo Body MTG, WLDMTG, NSN: 5315-01-228-0416, PN: 1476010W,          QTY-  1 Pair

Pin, KLIK .31X2.34, NSN: 5315-01-490-7325, PN: 3406240,       QTY- 4

Pin, 1.54X5.13  Tow Bar, NSN: 5315-01-500-5324, PN: 3390992,         QTY- 1 Pair

Pin, Assembly, NSN: 5315-01-520-6541, PN: 3379668, QTY- 1 Pair

Shackle, Anchor Rear, NSN: 4030-01-504-7788, PN: 3442534,      QTY- 1 Pair

Chain, 10.0X.625 ( With Hook ), NSN: 4010-01-577-4959, PN: 3829510,       QTY- 1

 Hose Assembly Intervehicular, RED, NSN: 4720-01-582-5003, PN: 3410506,              QTY- 1

 Hose Assembly Intervehicualr, BLUE, NSN: 4720-01-582-5006, PN: 3410504,         QTY-1 

Harn, Intervehicular, Trailer Cable, NSN: 5995-00-772-8813, PN: 64297CX,              QTY- 1

 Instruction, Tow Bar, PN: 1PP6017,   QTY- 1



(M35-279)  Winterization Kit/Artic Kit For M34 Gas Truck. NSN 2540-00-570-1357, PN: 5701357, 7397043. NOS.

Special Reduced Price!!  $450

(5T-665) M800, M939 Oil Cooler Cartridge for Cummins diesel engine, NSN 2930-00-701-2091, PN A33-9, NEW, $225 each

(COM-3164) Oil Filter Housing w/ Filter Element and gaskets for Multifuel Engine powered trucks. $39 each  

(M35-265)  Low Air Pressure Warning Switch- Brake system, M35A2, M109A3, M36A2

NSN 5930-00-434-5441 Part# 11621847. $42 each

(COM-3163) M Series Antenna Mounting Bracket All Models/”Sugar Scoop” Style.  NSN 5340-01-215-1054, Part# A3017142. NOS $39. each

(M35-256) Multifuel Turbo Intake Tube. NOS. NSN: 2940-00-104-2834, PN: 11677095.  $37 each

(M35-254)  Hinge Butt- Right side- for engine side cover for M35 Trucks. NOS. NSN: 5340-01-129-0482, PN: 7397936.  $8.00 each



Shaft , Winch Drive With U-Joints, for 2 1/2 ton M35 series trucks NSN 2520-00-924-1529 , PN 10946832 , NOS $99 / Used available $75

Click photos for larger image.

(5T-696)  Front-spring bushing. NSN  3120-00-770-2941. NEW $65 each.
(5T-695)  Cargo Beds- Extra long - 21 feet.  2 styles:  1- Standard fixed side $1900.  1- ISO- Marine Corp. drop side $2300

 These are sample photos only and are just for reference.

Pickup or truck shipment only

(5T-693)  Hydraulic-motor for 5 ton wrecker, M816 and M936. (2) required per truck. NSN 4320-01-320-4744, PN 12375388. NOS.  $695 each.  Some used in stock for $375 each

(5T-692) Cargo-cover, CANVAS, 14’ long. without rope, NSN 2540-00-933-8645, PN 11608799. NOS. Special price $225.   End curtains sold-separately.


(5T-690)  Power-steering unit (Early-style)with column. NSN 2530-00-525-1350, PN 87228230. NOS. $595 each

(9M-687) Hood Prop Rod For M939- non winch trucks. NSN: 2510-01-083-1126, PN: 12256629. NOS $195.  Good used $110

(5T-682)  Gear for Power Steering Pump for 5Ton Multi fuel powered trucks. NOS. $195 each

(5T-681)  Power Steering Pump for 5Ton Multi fuel powered trucks. NOS. NSN: 4320-00-075-3329, PN: 11640923. $225 each

(9M-686) Hood Prop Rod For M939 winch model Trucks. NSN: 2510-01-083-1125, PN12256629. NOS $195.  Good used $110

(9M-685) Flex Plate & Ring Gear Assembly for M939A1. NSN: 2815-01-114-7397, PN: 3007279.  NEW $795 each

(SP-1177)  Driver side door for GMC M211& M135 2 Ton Truck G749-series. New-Old-Stock. $299 each

(9M-167) Emergency/Parking brake shoe set (2 brake shoes) Fits M939A1 and M939A2. NSN 2530011400107, P/N A13722-D-420. $175 per set of 2 shoes as shown


(5T-702)  Cargo-cover, 14’ Green-vinyl with built-in end-curtains, Applicable to standard 5 ton trucks. NOS.  $900 each.

(M35-280)  Drive shaft Yoke for M35A2/M35A3 series Trucks. NSN: 2520-00-692-6068, PN: 7521033. NOS. $23 each

(5T-700)  Fresh air intake tube assembly for Multifuel powered 5 ton trucks. NSN: 4730-00-018-5297. NOS. $29 each

(ALL-5151)  NOS 24 volt Back-up Light for HMMWV, M35A3, M109A4, M939 Can also be used to add back-up lights to M35A2, M809, M715, M54 NSN 6220-01-216-5285 PN 12339712  $45

(5T-699)  Grill/Brush Guard For M54 & Early M809 series trucks. NSN: 2540-00-764-7979, PN: 11665793. NOS $77 each

(COM-3175) M35, M800 Brake Line. 19” Flexible. Front Position. Common. NSN: 4720-00-203-9515 PN 7409330.  NOS. $7.00 each

   (M35-275) M35A2, M35A3 Axle

-Rear position- 2 1/2 ton Rockwell Top Loader, Good Take-out

Rear/ Drive Position.

Single Axle Only $500

Tandem Set as shown with springs and torque rods  $1400

Click the photos for larger images!

(COM-3173) M Series Accelerator Pedal Pivot Pin/Straight Headed Pin. NSN: 5315-00-338-1621, PN: 7539131. NEW. $2.25 each

(COM-3168) M35, M800 Clutch Link Pin. NSN: 5315-00-737-3224, PN: 7373224. NOS. $7.00 each

(COM-3170) M Series Front Windshield Latch Bracket.  NSN: 2570-00-737-3326, PN 7373326. NOS. $2.75 each

(COM-3169) M SeriesWindow Regulator Pin/Fastener. NSN: 2540-00-562-0422,  PN:7529309.  NOS $8.50 each

(COM-3168) M Series Door check/Stop. NSN:2510-00-057-1641, PN: 8757842. $13.00 each

(COM-3161) M Series Bed Pocket Upright/Bow End - Left Front/ Right Rear cargo bed side rail vertical support, Metal construction.  NSN 2510-00-622-3932, PN 7397996.  NOS.  $17.00 each

(COM-3042)  Mushroom caps/breather caps PN 10917048, NSN 2940-00-876-8544 for 2 1/2  ton and multi-fuel 5 ton NEW $14 each

Click photo for larger image.

(M35-263)  Turbo Lower Tube For Multifuel powered M35A2.  NOS. NSN: 4710-00-087-5138 PN: 11642107. $ 4 each

(MA3-633)  Radiator Overflow Tank for M35A3. NSN 4310-01-447-2912, PN RCSK15616. NOS. $199 each


(HM-129)  Winch Assembly (hydraulic) For HMMWV. 10,500 lb. rated capacity. Manufactured by Mile Marker. NSN: 2590-01-485-8343, PN: 31222. NOS. $1,500 each

(5T-667)  Radiator for 5-ton Multifuel diesel powered trucks, NSN 2930-00-169-5759, PN# 11640319, NEW $399 each- ships truck freight

(M35-270)  Cargo-cover with built end-curtains, 12’ Green-vinyl for M35A2/M35A3. PN-54331. NEW.  $900 each.

(M35-269)  Rear/Drive Axle with Air Locker.  Military rebuild. M35A2/M35A3 application. NSN 2530-00-051-9791. SOLD

(M35-268) U-Joint Style Axle Stub shaft for front/steering axle.  M35A2/M35A3. NSN 2520-00-042-5044. NOS. $175 each

652.  Just in - M911 Oshkosh Tank retriever.  25 ton capacity. 2 rear hydraulic winches 45,000 lb. capacity each. SUPER SPECIAL PRICE $14,900

(COM-3165) M35 Arctic Grille Cover, PN 11664561  NSN 5340-00-177-6159. $55 each

(9M-166) Grab Handle for M915/ M916 – or multiple other application. NSN 5340-01-127-1433, PN MC142-20002.  $24 each

(COM-3156) Fender welt -Vinyl- for front fender- cushions and insulates fender from cab- great restoration item.  NOS. 2 welts per kit.  $15 per kit each

(COM-3155) Fender welt 70 inches in length-Vinyl- for front fender- cushions and insulates fender from cab- great restoration item.  NOS. $19 each

(COM-3154) Fender welt for M35A2-Vinyl- for lower section of front fender- cushions and insulates fender from cab- great restoration item.  NOS.  $10 each

(COM-3153) End curtain for cargo bed cover system.  No rope included.  These are NOS.  Choice of canvas or vinyl Note: the canvas curtain may be dry, thin or loose. $20 each

(COM-3148) Hood Catch- lower. PN-7539218, NSN-5340-00-278-0213. $2.00 each

(M35-255)  Shock Absorber Bushing for M35A2. NOS. NSN:5365-00-834-4069, PN:8344069. $3.00 each

Replacement mirror-arm without bracket, $5 each

Replacement mirror-arm with bracket, $7 each.

Military-issue mirror-arm with bracket, $12 each.

Only a few in stock 

PTO Seal Maintenance Kit for M35A2 Trucks. NOS. NSN: 2530-01-105-5025, PN: 12255668. $92 each


Universal Joint, Drive Shaft M35A2 & M35A3 2.5 Ton. transmission to transfer to forward rear axle and pillow block to forward rear axle).. NSN: 2520-00-521-6186  PN: 8735642

 $7.00 each  NEW

(SP-1165) Sandpaper, 80 grit. 9” x 11” sheets, 50 sheets per box. New, unused surplus.

Special Reduced Price!!     $4 per box of 50 sheets.

(M35-129)  Brake shoes NEW $27 each- NO core required

Click the photos for larger images!

Fuel Tank Bracket M35A2 - NEW $45

Click photo for larger image.

Muffler for M809 series 5 Ton trucks with Cummins diesel.  Good used- surface rust only.  $75 each
Upper exhaust stack for non turbo diesel M35A2.  $39 each

(ALL-5139)  Custom windshields for your M35A2, M35A2, M54/M800, M939 series trucks. These are now available for many truck models, air or electric wiper options, safety glass, will bolt right onto your truck. $900 each (exclusive of wiper system)

Shipping Container/Work Tent:  This offering costs of 2 – 40 foot long shipping containers with roof support frame work and heavy vinyl cover/roof.  $10,000

(SP-1154)  Vinyl Bags, Originally used by US military for tent support poles.  Attached nylon carrying strap. Measures 52 in. x 18 in. Closes with a military duffle bag clip system (grommets and metal latch) Used Nice/new Condition- $4.00 each- volume discounts offered

(M35-274)  2 1/2 ton M35A2/M35A3 Service Brake shoe lining kit- consists of 4 NEW military issue linings SPECIAL PRICE $25 per kit.  Rivet set $12 ( enough to affix 4 linings to your shoes)

(M35-204) Emergency Brake shoe lining kit- NSN-2530-00-391-1209 (8410185) replaced by NSN 2530-01-217-8427 (5704531), consists of 1 inner and 1 outer shoe- enough to reline 1 emergency brake system-$29 for set of 2 linings

M915/M916/M920 tractor- steering column shafts- NOS $20 each

(M35-233)  M35A2 Long (Driver’s-side) Ball-style front axle-shafts, used $95 each

(COM-3000)  Cargo cover BOW CORNERS,   NEW in stock $12 each

(COM-3145) DOOR-Passenger side ONLY, these are brand NEW, NSN 2510-01-083-1112 replaced by NSN 2510-00-737-3294, PN -7397674, Special price $99

Brake shoe hardware kit for 5 ton trucks NSN 2530-00-137-9275- $3.00 per kit 
Battery Box for M35A2- steel- NOS $125
Water Pump (gasket sold separately) for Multifuel Diesel engines NSN 2930-00-903-0679- NOS $95 Each
Exhaust Flex Pipe for multifuel turbo charged exhaust system- NEW $32
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