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Equipment Spares


    100% HYDRAULIC POWER STEERING KITS for M35A2/M35A3 trucks

call or email for details    Two styles to choose from.

To purchase listed items, or obtain more information regarding pricing and availability,

please email or call toll free 855-332-0500.


Last Updated: 09-16-2015




Repair/ Parts Manuals on CD Click Image for Contents




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Current inventory Spreadsheet.  Call for pricing
(M35-355)  Lining, Parking Brake shoe, Inner Lining. NSN: 2530-00-736-8682 (Old NSN: 2530-00-904-2581, 2530-00-289-7206, 2530-00-537-0647), PN: 7368682. NOS. $7.00 each- INNER LINING ONLY

(M35-354)  Seal Kit, Winch Seal Kit for 10,000 lb. Garwood front mounted Winch. NEW. $285.00 for 5 Special seals as shown.

(M35-353)  Cab Hard Top Assembly, steel construction with sliding rear window. NSN: 2540-00-570-1443, PN: 7354276. NOS. $2395.00

(M35-352)  Head Lamp Retention Bracket, Right Hand with new rubber. NSN: 2510-00-737-6621 (Superseded by NSN: 6220-00-737-6621), PN: 7376621. NOS. $12.00 each

(M35-351)  Spring, Helical, Extension/ Brake and Clutch Pedal Return Spring. NSN: 5360-00-324-1047, PN: 7520981. NEW. $13.00 each

(M35-350)  Seat, Spring Assembly/ Rear Tandem Spring Seat. NSN: 2510-00-037-4972, PN: 8757712. NOS. $135.00 as shown.

(M35-349)  Support, Clutch Release Bearing/ Throw Out Bearing Collar. NSN: 2520-00-752-0966, PN: 7520966. NOS. $60.00 each

(M35-348)  Fender, Left Hand, Drivers Side. M35A2. NSN: 2510-00-065-0952, PN: 10872064. NOS. $395.00 each.

(M35-347)  Fender, Right Hand, Passenger Side. NSN: 2510-00-489-6005, PN: 10872065-1. NOS. $250.00 each.

(M35-346)  Water Pump with Pulley, REO-Gas engine powered. M34/M35. NSN: 2930-00-091-9766, PN: 8686849 with Pulley NSN: 3020-00-752-1901, PN: 7521901. NOS. $185.00 each

(M35-345)  Gasket, Turbo, Exhaust. NSN: 5330-00-106-8555 PN: 11677119. NOS. $19.00 each

(M35-344)  Pipe, Exhaust/ Non Turbo Flex Pipe. M35A2 2 Ton Multi Fuel. NSN: 2990-00-873-6925 PN: 11609355 NOS. $39.00 each

(M35-343)  Flange, Plate, Retaining, Connect PTO shaft to winch drive shaft). NSN: 2520-00-469-8437 (This item has been replaced by 3040-00-469-8437).  PN: 10896990. USED. $100 each

(M35-342)  Gasket, Shim, Set- Differential Driving. NSN: 5330-01-384-4617 (Old NSN: 5330-00-752-1764) PN: 7521764 NOS. $21.00 per kit

(M35-341)  Starter, Engine, Electrical. REO Gas engine powered M35 application. NSN: 2920-00-763-2346 (Old NSN: 2920-00-852-5483) PN: 10951134 Rebuilt. $350.00

(M35-340)  Bushing, Sleeve/ Multi Fuel Diesel Engine Rear Main Sleeve. NSN: 5310-00-177-9340 (This item has been replaced by 3120-00-177-9340) PN: JV1136 NOS. $47.00 each

(M35-339)  Winch Lockout Lever. NSN: 2520-00-753-8790 PN: 7538790. NOS. Out of Stock, Call for price

(M35-338)  Hose, Preformed. Lower RadiatorNSN: 4720-00-854-3733 PN: 10872023. NOS $39.00 each

(M35-337)  Sleeve, Input, Shaft, Transmission-Spicer 5 speed 3052/3053. NSN: 2520-00-508-4664 PN: 7520989. NOS. $23.00 each

(M35-336)  Connect Link, Rigid/Rod Assembly, Clutch linkage, Adjustable. NSN: 2540-00-752-0977, NSN: 2520-00-737-3352 (replaced by 3040-00-752-0977) PN: 7520977. NOS. $11.00 each

(M35-335)  Arm, pitman. NSN: 2530-00-752-1462, PN: 434186-30.  NOS. $275.00 each/Used available $125.00 each

(M35-334)  Kit, parts, drag link, steering.  NSN: 2530-00-752-1429, PN: 7521429.  NOS.  $29.00 per kit

(M35-333)  Link, drag, steering.  NSN: 2530-00-930-1965, PN: 10897161. NSN: 2530-00-752-1371 PN: 7521371 NOS $35.00 each/Used $25.00 each

(M35-332)  Ball stud & steering knuckle.  Used. $98.00 each

(M35-331)  Universal Joint, Drive Shaft, transfer case to forward rear axle and forward rear axle to rear rear axle M35A2 and M35A3 2.5-T NSN: 2520-00-702-4578 PN: 5702987

$35 each

(M35-330)  Universal Joint, Drive Shaft M35A2 & M35A3 2.5 Ton. transmission to transfer to forward rear axle and pillow block to forward rear axle).. NSN: 2520-00-521-6186  PN: 8735642

$7.00 each

(M35-329)  Gasket, dipstick, crankcase.  Multifuel Diesel engine.  NSN: 5330-00-737-6332, PN: 7376332.  NOS. $17.00 each

(M35-328)  Paddy wagon body. For standard 12 foot cargo body. $2900

(M35-327)  Nut, axle.  NSN: 5310-00-220-2665, PN: 10896720.  NOS $4.00 each/used $2.85 each

(M35-326)  Pump, Fuel, Transfer, Blackmere.  M49 Fuel tanker application.  NSN: N/A, PN: N/A.  NOS. $875 each

(M35-325)  Synflex tubing for remote brake reservoir hose. Diameter 3/8th.  NSN: N/A, PN: N/A.  New. $5.00 per linear foot

(M35-324)  Assembly, mirror.  NSN: 2540-01-043-8413, PN: 11677269.  New $65 each. Used. $35 each

(M35-323)  Bracket, mounting, rearview mirror, VINTAGE.  Early M35/REO.  NSN: 2570-00-878-3490 (old), 2540-00-878-3490 (new), PN: 10937757.  NOS. $7.00 each

(M35-322)  Lines, fuel, SET of 2.  M35/M35A2 multifuel diesel engine.  Motor to frame & return.  Total length 20” & 12.5”.  $74 per kit of 2 hoses with fittings as shown

(M35-321)  Bracket, support, exhaust stack. NSN: 2990-00-104-2895, PN: 11677118.  NOS. $15.00 each

(M35-320)  Kit, turbo oil line. (can be used in conjunction with clean air kit)  Application: Multi Fuel diesel engines.  NSN: 2815-01-168-1548, PN: 11642124.  NOS.  $99 per kit

(M35-319)  Flange, elbow, exhaust.  NSN: 4730-00-104-2794, PN: 11677093.  NOS. $54 each

(M35-318)  Pipe, Air Intake, from air cleaner to turbo.  NSN: 4710-00-104-2840, PN: 11677117. NOS, $30 each.  Used $23 each

(M35-317)  Tie rod end.  Right Side.  M35 2.5T.  NSN: 2530-00-752-1601, PN: 7521601.  NOS.

Castings for the tie rod ends vary due to different manufacturer’s over time.  All are for the M35 2 ton truck and will work for these applications. $81 each

(M35-316)  Tie rod end.  Left Side.  NSN: 2530-00-752-1602, PN: 7521602.  NOS.

Castings for the tie rod ends vary due to different manufacturer’s over time.  All are for the M35 2 ton truck and will work for these applications. $81 each

(M35-315)  Differential, front.  REBUILT. M35A2.  NSN: 2520-00-692-6098, PN: 7521783.  $2450 each

(M35-314)  U-Joint, Front axle shaft. Application: Rockwell 2 ton front axle.  NSN: 2520-00-439-6283, PN: A18398.  NOS. $119 each

(M35-313)  Fuel Line, Rubber hose upgrade kit.  For Multifuel diesel Powered trucks. Three hoses in total with fittings.  New. $135 per kit.

(M35-312)  Parts kit, Air cylinder- Air shift transfer case. NSN: 2520-00-394-9718, PN: 5704159.  NOS. $71 per kit

(M35-311)  Adapter, Brake drum. NSN: 2530-00-406-1466, PN: A-3268-P-172.  NOS. $19 each

(M35-310)  Detroit style NO- SPIN differential locker for Rockwell axles.  NEW. $1,295.00 each

(M35-309)  Valve stem guide.  Multifuel Diesel engine application  NSN: 2815-00-808-7374, PN: 40-3891404.  NOS. $9.00 each

(M35-307)  Boot, Tie rod, rubber. NSN: 2530-00-752-1606, PN: 7521606.  NOS. $3.99 each

(M35-306)  Cover, Transfer Case top access. NSN: 5340-00-692-5753, PN: 7735641. NOS. $39 each

(M35-305)  Kit, Front inner axle shaft seal replacement.  Includes (1) each inner axle shaft seal, inner hub seal and hub cap gasket. $73 per kit as shown

(M35-304)  Kit, Rear axle hub. Includes Inner & Outer Hub Seals and Gasket. NEW. $56 per kit as shown

(M35-303)  Piston rings, multi fuel-diesel engine. Standard. PN 5702767, NSN 2530-00-920-7568 NOS. $10 Per Set

(M35-302)  Differential bearing sleeve. NSN: 2520-00-752-1719, PN: 7521719.  NOS. $38 each

(M35-301)  Exhaust clamp Kit. NSN: 5342-00-097-6512  PN: 11676955. NOS. $9 per kit as shown

(M35-300)  Plate- spare tire retainer.  NSN: 2510-00-752-1161.  PN: 7521161.  NOS. $21 each

(M35-299)  Wrench, air compressor, for M35 with gasoline OA-331 Reo-engine. NSN 5120-00-795-0404, PN 7950404. NOS. $19 each

(M35-298)  Main Bearing Set, .020 over, Mulitfuel Diesel engine application- LDT/LD/LDS.  NSN: 3120-00-849-9570 P/N: 5702651 NOS. $100 per set

(M35-297)  Bearing Set, Engine. LDT Multifuel Engine. NSN 3120-00-860-5420 PN 5702645. NOS. $217.50 Per Set

(M35-296)  Shield, Rubber Radiator. Fits Between Radiator and Headlight Bezel, NSN 2930-00-700-7965, PN 10871412. NOS. $14 each

(M35-295)  Differential assembly with carrier and input/output flanges, for Rockwell top loader axle. NSN 2520-00-692-6098, PN A1-3800X466.  NOS. $450 each

(M35-294)  Spring, Brake Shoe Return. NSN 5360-00-741-1017,  PN10896707. NOS. $10 each

(M35-293)  Kit, Brake Shoe Hold- Down. NSN 2530-00-319-6001, PN 8332057. NOS. $35 per kit as shown.

(M35-292)  Front Spring Lower U-bolt Plate with Shock Mount. Good Used. $150 per pair- includes 1 left/1 right

(M35-291)  Ring, Retaining- Differential Pinion Gear Retaining Clip, NSN 5365-01-752-1717, PN 7521717. NOS. $49 each

(M35-290)  Gear Set- Timing- for LDT Multifuel engine. NSN 3020-00-074-8914, PN 5702680. NOS. $90 for set of 3 gears as shown

(M35-289)  Exhaust By-Pass Spring. NSN: 5320-00-200-8981, PN: 8330121. NOS. $5.00 each

Disc Brake Conversion Kits:  (M35-288)

Front Axle kit includes Brackets, Rotors & Hubs, Calipers and Hardware.

Call for Price

Rear Non-Steer Axle kit includes Brackets, Calipers, Rotors and Hardware.

Call for Price


(M35-286)  Tie Rod End Stud. NSN: 2530-01-128-5525, PN: 11621582. NOS. $45 each

(M35-285)  Pinion seal and Housing For input/output – Rockwell Top Loader Axles.  NSN 2520-00-752-1703, PN 7521703. NOS. $68 each.  Housing only. NOS. $45 each

(M35-284)  Transfer Case Idler Shaft For Rockwell transfer case. M35/M35A2/M35A3 Trucks. NSN: 3040-010-752-1340, PN: 7521340. NOS. $45 each

 (M35-283)  Emergency Brake Cable – for flip up style/late handle. NSN: 2530-00-088-9205 replaced by 2530-01-063-7559, PN: 11609834. NOS. $125 each

(M35-282)  M35A2 Long (Driver’s-side) U-joint-style front  axle-shafts, used $350 each

(M35-281) Winch Cable with chain and hook for Garwood 10,000 lb. winch (M35A2/M35A3 Trucks- front bumper mounted). NOS. Sold AS-IS. No warranty. $299 each

(M35-280)  Drive shaft Yoke for M35A2/M35A3 series Trucks. NSN: 2520-00-692-6068, PN: 7521033. NOS. $23 each

(M35-279)  Winterization Kit/Arctic Heater Kit For M34 Gas Truck. NSN 2540-00-570-1357, PN: 5701357, 7397043. NOS.

Special Reduced Price!!  $450

(M35-278)  9.00 x 20.00 Tires on 6 hole rims for M35A2 Deuce & a Half- 2 1/2 ton, will also fit GMC M211 series deuce, $225 each.

Click the photos for larger images!

(M35-277)  Replacement Engines for M35 Series

LDT-465-1D, PN 5705273, NSN 2815-01-214-8820

Click the photos for larger images!

  (M35-275) Axle

-Rear position- 2 1/2 ton Rockwell Top Loader, Good Take-out

Rear/ Drive Position.

Single Axle Only $500

Tandem Set as shown with springs and torque rods  $1400

Click the photos for larger images!

(M35-274)  2 1/2 ton M35A2/M35A3 Service Brake shoe lining kit- consists of 4 NEW military issue linings SPECIAL PRICE $25 per kit.  Rivet set $12 ( enough to affix 4 linings to your shoes)

(M35-273) Reverse Rod Assembly For M35 Series Trucks with Sprague Transfer case. (locks transfer case into 6x6 when transmission is put in reverse)  NSN: 3040-00-737-2017, PN: 7372017. NOS. $21.00 each

(M35-273)  Ring, Thrust,  Cable Drum Sliding Clutch For 10,000 lb. front mounted Garwood winch on M35/2 ton Trucks. NSN: 2540-00-753-8702, PN:7538702. NOS. $ 4.75 each

(M35-272)  Worm Drive Shaft Seal For 2 ton/M35 chassis Pipe Line Truck M756A2. NSN: 5330-00-286-8149, PN:49338. NOS. $7 each

(M35-271)  PTO Lock For M50A2 Water Tank Truck. NSN: 2520-00-134-5127, PN:10937823. NOS. $37 each

(M35-270)  Cargo-cover with built end-curtains, 12’ Green-vinyl for M35A2/M35A3. PN-54331. NEW.  $900 each.

(M35-269)  Rear/Drive Axle with Air Locker.  Military rebuild. M35A2/M35A3 application. NSN 2530-00-051-9791. SOLD

(M35-268) U-Joint Style Axle Stub shaft for front/steering axle.  M35A2/M35A3. NSN 2520-00-042-5044. NOS. $175 each

(M35-267) Hot Water Heater kit/Winterization Kit NSN: 2540-00-301-7269, PN: 5702004. NOS.  $875 per kit

                           Packing Slip

(M35-266) Trunion Bracket rear suspension Assembly. NSN 2510-00-177-7788, PN:7700126. NOS. $199 each

(M35-265)  Low Air Pressure Warning Switch- Brake system, M35A2, M109A3, M36A2

NSN 5930-00-434-5441 Part# 11621847. $42 each

(M35-263)  Turbo Lower Tube For Multifuel powered M35A2.  NOS. NSN: 4710-00-087-5138 PN: 11642107. $ 4 each

(M35-262)  Rear Wiring Harness for M35A2 Trucks. NOS. NSN: 2590-00-150-5768, PN: 10896678. $150 each

(M35-261)  Heat Duct Diverter. NOS. NSN: 2540-00-010-1851, PN: 7700251. $95 each/Used available $35 each

(M35-260)  Fender welt for M35A2-Vinyl- for lower section of front fender- cushions and insulates fender from cab- great restoration item.  NOS.  $10 each

(M35-259)  Cargo Cover ONLY for 18’ Long Wheel Base M36 trucks. Excellent Used $1200

(M35-258)  Winch Drum Clutch For Garwood 10,000 lb winch.  NOS.  NSN: 2520-00-695-3342, PN: 7538691.  $77 each

(M35-257)  Engine Exhaust Hanger/Bracket for M35A2 Trucks. NOS. NSN: 2990-00-104-2896, PN: 11677120. $2.00 each

(M35-256)  Turbo Intake Tube. NOS. NSN: 2940-00-104-2834, PN: 11677095.  $37 each

(M35-255)  Shock Absorber Bushing for M35A2. NOS. NSN:5365-00-834-4069, PN:8344069. $3.00 each

(M35-254)  Hinge Butt- Right side- for engine side cover for M35 Trucks. NOS. NSN: 5340-01-129-0482, PN: 7397936.  $8.00 each

(M35-253)  End Cap for air engagement cylinder – Transfer case. NOS. NSN: 2520-00-808-7445 PN: 10948042. $10 each

(M35-252)  Universal Joint Yoke - Winch driveline For M35A2. NOS. NSN: 2520-00-089-8363, PN:0947281.  $21 each

(M35-251)  Brake Slotted/Horseshoe Washer- to retain brake shoe. New Old Stock.  PN-7032640, NSN-5310-00-703-2640. $ 1.25 each

(M35-250)  Front Axle Spindle for M32A2 Truck. NOS. NSN: 2530-01-101-2929, PN: U-749. $400 each.  Good used available $250 each

(M35-249)  Exhaust Pipe Shoulder Bolt for M35A2 Non Turbo.  NOS. NSN: 5306-00-139-4628, PN: 10937391.  $2 each

(M35-248)  Exhaust Mounting Bracket for M35A2. NOS. NSN: 5340-00-097-6456 PN:11677121.  $2 each

(M35-247)  Pin, Eccentric, brake shoe pivot. NSN 5315-00-451-1047, PN 10896681. NOS. $10 per pin with 1- clip 

(M35-246)  Wheel Cylinder Rebuild Kit.  M35A2/M35A3.  PN-5294209, NSN- 2530-00-529-4209.  $25 per kit

(M35-245)  Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit. New Old Stock. PN- 7539309, NSN-2530-00-753-9309.  $45 per kit

(M35-244)  Van Truck Window Shade applicable to: M185, M109, M109A4.  Good Used. $195 each 
(M35-243)  Wheel Hub- NSN 2530-00-176-7859/PN P/N: 10896708- NEW. $275 each
(M35-242) CARGO COVER KITS-NEW-vinyl - WHITE IN COLOR for 2 1/2 ton trucks with standard 12 foot long cargo bed. Includes NEW cover, new bows and corners and uprights.  $495 per kit. Ships truck freight

(M35-241) Injectors, for Multi-fuel/Diesel engines. NSN 2910-00-861-1408, 2910-00-861-1408.  New $115 Each.

Eastern Surplus is now manufacturing their own custom SUPER SINGLE RIMS, these rims will allow you to run single tires on your M35A2 in either the steer or drive position without having to “ flip the hubs” or modify the axle ends.  The wheels are reversible and the lug holes are double chamfered to accommodate the lug nuts on ANY AXLE POSITION.  We offer these with or without tires.  They are all tubeless design, 1/2 inch center disk manufacture.

Tires available:  Michelin & Goodyear- 395/85 R20 and similar

The rims and tires are in stock for immediate shipment- NO WAIT

Rims $575 each- FOB our yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- we can ship truck freight

Tires- price on request (can supply or supply and mount)

9.00 x 20  Tires, New, Bias, non directional, $295

Click photo for larger image.

NEW- Military Issue SINGLE RIMS for your M35A2 or M35A3- enables you to run single tires, without “ flipping the hubs”. 

These are 2 piece rims, with all of the nuts to bolt the halves together, new o-ring, new valve stem $545 each


Click photo for larger image.

BOBBER KIT- Everything you need to mount a single axle under your M35A2 – includes New u-bolts/Nuts/Washers, good used: Springs with hangers, perches, lower plates with shock absorber tab, upper plates with rubber bumper-$995 ( upper shock mounts and new shock absorbers also available)

Click the photo for larger image! 

(M35-240) Steering Box with column, New-Old-Stock (NOS), NSN 2530-00-693-0617, PN 7521481, $975

(M35-239)  FLYWHEEL for Multifuel/diesel powered trucks, NSN 2815-00-860-7339, PN 10889801, NOS, $275 each

(M35-238)  Air shift upgrade kit for M35A2/A3 to upgrade an Air-shift transfer-case, with the plumbing, switches, connectors, etc., NSN 2520-00-113-8049, PN# 5704132, NEW, 6 in stock only $195 per kit

(M35-237)  Housing-ONLY, Steering-box- NEW, NSN-2530-00-004-8426, $95 each

(M35-236)  Motor Mounts

M35A2 Top-motor mount (Large) 4-required There are (4) required per truck, NSN 5340-00-753-8641, PN 7538641, NEW $49 each

M35A2 Lower-motor mount (Small) 4-required per truck, NSN 5340-00-753-8640, PN 7538640, NEW $29 each

(M35-235)  Transfer Case Mounts/Cab Mounts- front 

M35A2/M35A3 transfer-case mounts (6) required 

M35A2/M35A3 cab-mounts (2) required. 

These are interchangeable- NSN 5342-00-040-2073, PN 7521436, NEW $29 each

(M35-234)  Axle Assembly- Drive Position, MILITARY REBUILT- Rockwell CF240 HX3/ Ratio 6:72:1, NSN 2520-00-736-8511, PN# 7368511, $1200 each

(M35-233)  M35A2 Short (Passenger’s-side) U-joint-style front  axle-shafts, used $215

 Call For Availability

(M35-230) Spring Shackles/Hanger links- NEW $95 each

(M35-229) Wiring Harness- Front - NEW Harness is New-Old-Stock (NOS) and may not be an exact replacement, but can be used as a template and/or modified- $95
(M35-228) Piston rods, LDT/ LDS Multifuel Engines good used, PN 11641916, NSN 2815-00-617-8625 Call

(M35-227) Transmission Lid gasket- for M35/Spicer transmission NSN 5330007521061- New $45 ( M35rm)

(M35-226) Brake shoe return spring, NSN 2530-00-338-8734  replaced 5360-00-741-1017 PN 7521729 - NEW- $19 each (M35rm)

(M35-225) M35A2 Master Cylinder to booster brake line- NSN 4710-00-706-1320, PN 7061320 - New $47 (M35rm)

(M35-224) Spicer 3053 Transmission Gasket Set-PN 7520978, NSN 2520-00-752-0987  New $45
(M35-223) Guard, winch, cable guide  NSN: 3020-00-753-8715, PN: 7538715.  Cage Code: 19207, Contract #: N/A.  NOS. $65 per side
(M35-222) Differential to Axle Gasket for Rockwell Top Loader axles, PN 7521782, NSN 5330-00-752-1735 – NEW- $33 each

(M35-221) LDT-465 rebuilt engine in container- call for price- 6 available

LDT-465-1D Multi-fuel engine with container

NSN 2815-01-214-8820

PN 5705273


(M35-220) Axle shaft parts- call

(M35-219) Differential and Transfer case Oil Seal.  M35A2/M35A3.  New.  NSN- 5330-00-143-8666, PN- 7521241 $21 each

(M35-218) Front leaf spring- New- $475

(M35-217) Drive Flange- good used $45

(M35-216) Clamp set for front axle boots- NOS $40 per set of 2 or $23 each (Comprm)

(M35-215) Tailgate for standard cargo bed - New $395 each

(M35-213) Fuel Tank, NSN 2910-00-492-6062 New - $475/each

(M35-212) Radiator, New - $1225/each

(M35-211)  Crank Shaft- NEW Military Issue- for Multifuel engine- $495

(M35-210) Zipper boot/CV boot for front axle $51 each

(M35-209) Radiator hose - top- Military issue $47

(M35-208)  Axle Bearing set- includes 1 inner bearing and inner race and 1 outer bearing and outer race (Total of 2 bearings and 2 Races)  $120  

(M35-207) Whistler Turbo for multifuel engine - good used $ 975

NOS $1200 - Limited Supply

(M35-206) Front-axle housing inner sleeve and seal. NSN 5330-00-075-1764, PN 8738032  New-$95

(M35-205) Steering box Seal NSN 5330-00-534-2937, PN 5342937 new $ 21

(M35-204) Emergency Brake shoe lining kit- NSN-2530-00-391-1209 (8410185) replaced by NSN 2530-01-217-8427 (5704531), consists of 1 inner and 1 outer shoe- enough to reline 1 emergency brake system-$29 for set of 2 linings

(M35-203) Liner/sleeve with piston and ring- For Multifuel engines- NEW $295 per

(M35-202) Engine side cover for M35 2 ton trucks - good used $ 45

(M35-200) U-Joint- New- $45 each with clips

(M35-100)  Cargo beds for M35A2, M35A2, approx. 12 feet long, Drop side beds in stock too- Call for price

These are sample photos only and are just for reference.

(M35-101) LOCK WASHERS FOR  2 1/2 ton M35A2 Axle, NSN 4740460-011- New $17 each (M35rm)

Click the photos for larger images!


(M35-102)   Axle , Rockwell Top Loader axles from 2 1/2 ton trucks, 6 bolt pattern, good take out, steering axle complete $1200  Volume discounts -call 

Click photo for larger image.



Shaft , Winch Drive With U-Joints, for 2 1/2 ton M35 series trucks NSN 2520-00-924-1529 , PN 10946832 , NOS $99 / Used available $75

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                 This picture shows the variety of manufacturers that make these filters. You will receive one pair that match, but could be any one of these configurations.

(M35-104)  PM Kits for 2 1/2 ton multifuel engines Air filter, 2- fuel filters, 2 oil filters,, 2 alternator belts, 1- air compressor belt, 1- bottom radiator hose, 1- top radiator hose- ALL NEW  $275 or buy individually:


Air Filter - $54

Oil Filters - $21 each (Requires 2)

Fuel Filters - $21 each (Requires 2)

Primary Fuel Filter - $21

Top Hose - $28

Bottom Hose - $39

Alternator Belts - $21 each (Requires 2)

Compressor Belt - $21


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(M35-105)  New exhaust pipes for turbo multifuel engines $225 


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(M35-106)  Transmission bell housings for Spicer 3052/3053  good used $200 

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(M35-107)  Brake Drum NEW- $225 each

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(M35-108)  CARGO COVER KITS-NEW- for 2 1/2 ton trucks with standard cargo bed, tan in color $1300 


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(M35-109)  Cooling Fan $50  (M715rm) 

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(M35-110)  Fuel Tank Brackets - NEW $100 

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(M35-111)  Transmission lid for Spicer 3052/3053 –good used $125 

(M35-112)  Timing Gear cover for multifuel engine- cast aluminum- good used $100 

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(M35-113)  Leaf springs- front, Used $250 each 

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Power steering upgrade kit-air assist for 2  1/2 ton- GOOD USED KITS IN STOCK $1700-

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(M35-116)  Shock absorbers- NEW $90 

 NSN 2510-00-294-6339  PN 7539007

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(M35-117)  Turbo chargers for Multifuel engines - good used $600 ( whistlers $975) - (M35rm)     
(M35-118)  Axle shafts for rear position/non steering Rockwell axles- good used- $125 


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(M35-119)  Air cleaner assembly- complete- used $100 (Whse)
(M35-120)  Valve cover and valve trains for Multifuel engines good used- call for prices (M35backroom)
(M35-121)  Throw out bearing PN 7528018, NSN 3130-00-849-0511 New $35 
(M35-123)  Perches/axle mounts, for Rockwell top loader axles- good take outs- set of 2- $110- (Comprm)
(M35-124)  Thermostat, PN 10911114, NSN 6620-00-850-7062  New $50 
(M35-125)  Dust boot for transmission shifter $25 

NSN 2520-00-692-6072  PN 7521062

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(M35-126)  Hoods, good take offs $150-$300 

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(M35-127)  New clutch disc $200 
(M35-129)  Brake shoes NEW $27 each- NO core required 

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(M35-130)  Drive Shafts for 2 1/2 ton trucks  all positions: 

Short (10 3/4") $100 (trans to transfer)

Med (29 1/4") $150 between tandems

Long  (39 1/2") $200 transfer-case to front-axle

X long (50") $250  transfer-case to middle-rear axle
(M35-131)  Push rods and valves for 2 1/2 ton multi-fuel – good used call for price 

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(M35-132)  Oil pans for multifuel diesel $125 

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(M35-133)  2 1/2 ton M35A2 transmission- 5 speed- Model Spicer 3053A, REBUILT $1985 each

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(M35-134)  Winch kits for M35A2 trucks, Garwood 10,000 lb.  

Will fit any 2 1/2 M35 truck.

Complete with PTO, PTO studs, gasket set, shear pin, handle, handle bracket, Drive shaft, frame extensions, winch bracket, WINCH, cable, chain, and hook.  $3700.  Electric Winch upgrade options available in 12,000 lb. and 18,000 lb. options- call us! 

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(M35-135)  Pressure plates - for 2 1/2 ton Brand New $275  Good used $150.  

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(M35-136)  Steering axle Knuckles for Rockwell front axles- Right & left side in stock.  Left NSN-2530-00-752-1687/PN# 7521687.  Right NSN 2530-00-752-1688/PN# 7521688.  – NOS $125

(M35-137)  Speedometer cable NEW $110
(M35-138)  Tachometer cable NEW $110
(M35-139)  Winch frame extensions - $350 per set
(M35-140)  Winch brackets $350 per set (Mainrm)
(M35-141)  Pintle hook - NEW $100  Good Used $60 (M35rm)
(M35-142)  Winch chain and hook- $100
(M35-143)  Brush Guard/Grille support arms- NEW $25 (M35rm)
(M35-144)  Transfer case Front drive manual engagement lever and locking plate $65
(M35-145)  U-bolts with nuts and washers- NEW for front axle - $70 each with nuts and washers
(M35-146)  Brake Wheel Cylinder shields- good used $10
(M35-147)  Fenders- Good Used $275

(M35-148)  Steering column and gear box $350 good used

(M35-149)  Winch Handle for Garwood front mounted winch- NEW $100 (loc-M35rm)
(M35-150)  Bumper- good used $200
(M35-152)  Gasket for Axle shaft to housing NSN 5330-00-599-4230 Part# 7521787- New $12 each ( M35rm)
(M35-153)  Starter with 12 teeth for M35A2 multi-fuel powered trucks - New $425  Good Used $195
(M35-154)  Torque Rods rebuilt with new bushings – nuts sold separately - New $285
(M35-155)  Dash Panel Only - fits most M-series trucks $35 

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(M35-156)  Transfer Case.  Rockwell-Airshift.   Good Used - $750

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(M35-157)  Inner Wheel/Hub Seal NSN 5330-00-891-7826  PN 7521649- New $22 (M35rm)
(M35-158)  Tachometer sending unit- multifuel engine- good used $75  NSN 3010-00-562-0421  PN 7061216
(M35-159)  Oil Pump for Multifuel engines- good used $125 (M35rm)


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(M35-160)  Bell housing for Multifuel engine- good used- $100 (Whse)
(M35-161)  Winch parts for Garwood 10,000lb. PTO driven front bumper mounted winches       Call for $$$
(M35-163)  Multi-fuel engine Tappet set - $125 New
(M35-164)  Engine block heater - $98 New
(M35-165)  M35A2 Brake Master Cylinders - new $175, rebuild kits $45, wheel cylinders new $45, wheel cylinder rebuild kits $25

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(M35-166)  Brake Booster/air Pack- New/rebuilt $410

NSN 2530-00-040-2188  PN 7539306

(M35-167)  Transfer Case-Air shift- Military Rebuilt in 2008, crated for shipment, NSN # 2500-0089-8287- ( parking brake assembly not included) $1400
(M35-168)  Oil Pressure sender and gauge 120 lb. or 60 lb. range  NEW $55 each item (M35rm)
(M35-169)  Rockwell Axles for 2 1/2 ton NEW in the crate, top load, 6.722 to 1 ratio, $2100


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(M35-170)  Radiator shroud - New  $45
(M35-171)  Inner Axle housing Seal, PN- 500135- New $55
(M35-172)  Exhaust gasket for Multifuel/turbo charged trucks

NSN 5330-01-378-7401  PN 11609349-2

3 locations – Both sides of exhaust flex pipe and exhaust stack connection to “J” Pipe.  $27 each


(M35-173)  Controls for Winch PTO:  Handle $245/special bent Rod with 2 clevises $50/Mounting bracket $65- all good used


(M35-174)  Rack sets and headboard for M35A2 - Used $600 (Heavy and long for shipment)


(M35-175)  Exhaust pipe for non-turbo multifuel - New $125


(M35-176)  LDT-465-1D – Military rebuilt engine, Multifuel Turbo Diesel- with new clutch, in shipping container.  Call for pricing.


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(M35-177)  Wheel cylinder copper washers - NEW $4.00 each
(M35-178)  Wheel cylinder bolt - New $7.00
(M35-182)  Inner wheel seal installation tool good used $95        Sold Out
(M35-183)  Outer wheel seal   NSN 5330-00-706-1238   Part #.7061238    NEW $22  
(M35-184)  U-bolts- new and used - call
(M35-185)  Exhaust Clamps for NON TURBO exhaust system-Multifuel diesel - NEW $21 (comprm)
(M35-186)  Shock Absorber mount - good used- set of 2- $110
(M35-187)  Steering Column Support - good used $55
(M35-188)  Winch drum - good used $125
  (M35-189)  Battery cable set- BRAND NEW- with Nato style slave receptacle-for M35A2 - $275

(M35-190) EXHAUST SYSTEM KIT- Brand new military surplus- for turbocharged (also for upgrading non turbo charged engines) 2 1/2 ton multifuel diesel engines, NSN 2990-01-016-8894, PN 5704163, NEW-$400 per kit

(M35-191)  Fuel injection lines- NEW- complete set of 6- $295/ Individual NEW lines $65 each
(M35-192)  Axles, Rockwell- top loader style-  from M35A3 with Central Tire Inflation system (CTIS)- non steering only- good used $ 1000 each
(M35-193)  Bleeder for fuel filter housings- new $ 5.00 each
(M35-194)  Bolt-shouldered- engine mount – new $ 5.00 each
(M35-195)  Bushing - Pilot for clutch New $ 18.00

NSN 3120-00-752-0953  PN 7520953

(M35-196)  Spring- throttle return NEW $ 12.00
(M35-197)  Torque Rod Bushing- NEW $80

NSN 2530-00-752-1831  PN 7521831N

(M35-198)  LDS 465-1A, Multifuel Engine - Turbo Diesel- good running take out from M54 series 5 ton truck. Power steering pump, starter, air compressor included. Use to repower a 5 ton or upgrade your M35A2 2 1/2 ton (will fit with small modifications) $3500

(M35-199)  Air Lockers for Rockwell axles- $1290 each with switches

(5T-525)  Battery boxes – for 2 battery set-up. Good used $225 
(COM-3245)Installation Kit, Upgrade kit, Generator to Alternator Conversion Kit. NSN:
2920-00-000-0088, PN: 11647745-1. NOS. $31.00 per kit as shown
(COM-3244)  Cushion, Seat, Box Style, Vehicular/ Driver Seat Bottom (Old Style). NSN: 2540-00-737-3309, PN: 7373309. NOS. $75.00 each
(COM-3243) Handle, Door, Interior Door Handle. NSN: 2540-00-797-5609 (Old NSN: 2540-00-741-0713, 2510-00-344-9892)  PN 7975609. NOS. $4.99 each.

(COM-3241)  Hose, Heater, Defroster Duct Hose, Length 59 Inches. Common Application. NSN: 4720-01-088-9681, PN: 11648560-2. NOS. $13.00 each

(COM-3240)  Shade, Window, Van Body/Trailer. NSN: 6220-00-040-2094 PN: 8328353 NOS. $33.00 each

(COM-3239)  Guard, Splash, Mud Flap. Common Application NSN: 2540-00-169-2857 PN: 10876500. NOS. $47.00 each

(COM-3238)  Molding, trim, TOP SECTION, Door Weather-strip Retainer, Soft Top, 31 Inch length. NSN: 2540-00-472-1691. PN: 11593327. NOS. $11.00 each ( note we have the rubber weather-stripping available)

(COM-3237)  Shield, guard, protector, Marker Light- fender mounted. NSN: 2510-00-753-9543 PN: 7539543. NOS. $23.00 each/ Take out $15.00 each

(COM-3235)  Governor, Air, brake.  NSN: 2530-00-854-4457, PN: N3190DA.  New. $29.00 each

(COM-3234)  Right hinge, outer windshield.  NSN: 5342-00-622-3941, 5342-01-169-5686.  PN: 7529318, 7529320.  NOS. $23.00 each



18,000 lb 24 volt electric Warn Winch Kit

Option 1 – Factory Refurbished - $1,900

Option 2 – Factory New - $2,850

Good used front bumper frame extension (Set of 2) - $375

New custom mounting plate and hardware - $195

Total kit w/ refurb - $2,470

Total kit w/ new - $3,420


(COM-3232)  Arm, rearview mirror.  NSN: 2540-00-459-3185, PN: 12338828-2.  NOS. $19 each

(COM-3231)  Stake, bow side, vertical post, wood. NSN: 2510-00-521-6183, PN: 8735603.  NOS. $15 each

(COM-3230)  Arm, rearview mirror, passenger side.  NSN: 2540-00-933-6870, PN: 11608927.  NOS. $12 each

(COM-3229)  Arm, rearview mirror.  NSN: 2510-01-082-3630, PN: 12255994.  NOS. $12 each

(COM-3228)  Arm, rearview mirror.  NSN: 2540-00-933-6869, PN: 11608926.  NOS. $12 each

(COM-3227)  Arm, rearview mirror, center tube with hole. NSN: 2540-00-933-6267, PN: 11608925.  NOS. $25 each

(COM-3226)  Arm, rearview mirror.  NSN: 2540-00-933-6868, PN: 11608928.  NOS. $7 each

(COM-3225)  Frame, window, rear sliding, hard top. NSN: 2510-01-114-7416, PN: 7085379.  NOS. $225 each

(COM-3223)  Cover, Cushion, Seat, Bottom, Driver. TAN ONLY. NSN: 2540-01-538-5176, PN: 9903-220147-911.  NOS. $32 each

(COM-3222) Valve, Air Shift Control, Transfercase.  NSN: 4280-00-832-8077, PN: 10924753.  NOS. $74 each

(COM-3220)  Plug, Magnetic, differential drain.  Application: Rockwell Top-Loader Axle. 2 ton & 5 ton trucks.  NSN: 4730-00-595-4827, PN: 7521743.  NOS. $6.00 each

(COM-3218)  Brake hose 18”, front axle metal line to metal line on frame. NSN: 4720-00-737-3247, PN: 7373247.  New. $21 each

(COM-3216)  Bracket, Emergency brake cable, mounts under cab. NSN: 5342-00-033-5252, PN: 11647728.  NOS. $14 each

(COM-3215)  Cover, protective cap for Slave/Jumper receptacle- NATO style. NSN: 5340-01-315-7223, PN: 12342306.  NOS. $25 each

(COM-3212)  Pin & Bushing, Front spring hanger.  1853-FC School Bus.  NSN: 2510-00-847-0334, PN: S-2178.  NOS. $14 per set as shown

(COM-3211)  Post assembly pillar. Cab top support.  Right Hand/Passenger side.  NSN: 2540-00-740-9597, PN: 7409597.  NOS. $56 each

(COM-3210)  Breather. Fuel tank. NSN:  2520-01-039-5106, PN: 7045099.  NOS. $11 each

(COM-3209)  Stator, alternator. NSN: 2920-01-242-1133, PN: AMA-3008. NOS. $89 each

(COM-3208)  Wire harness tie downs.  These were removed from Un-issued MRAPS. NOS. $7 for 10 tie downs.  (Not sold individually)

(COM-3207)  Red reflectors. These NOS take offs from unissued MRAPS.  NSN:  2590-00-227-9454  PN: MS35387-1. GROTE 40162 Diameter 3 5/8 “. $7.75 per PAIR ( 2 reflectors for $7.75)

(COM-3203)  Back up light for common application. 12 to 24 volt. NOS Take-offs from unissued MRAPs.  NSN 6220-01-375-3530.  PN 12378501. $21 each


(COM-3202)  Back-up alarm for Common application.  12 to 24 volt. NOS Take offs from unissued MRAPs.  NSN 6350-01-319-9161.  PN MRP21129. $19  each

(COM-3201)  LED Tail-Rear/Brake Lights – All M Series Vehicles – These are NOS Take- offs from unissued MRAPs.  NSN 6220-01-544-5793, 6220-01-544-5776.  PN 82042. $119 per pair (2 lights)

(COM-3200)  Strap assembly, attaches to cargo cover bow corner. NSN: 5340-00-930-2717. PN: 10937882. NOS. $4.50 each

(COM-3199)  Hood prop rod for use on vehicles equipped with gun ring.  Keeps hood from hitting edge of ring.  PN 12356794.  NSN 2510-01-309-3801. $75 each

(COM-3198)Base/Bottom- for Spring Ride driver seat. NSN 2540-21-896-8658, PN GF-4956-R. NOS. $11 each

(COM-3197)  Cover- Door, Passenger or Driver Side. NSN 2510-00-693-0604, 5340-00-693-0604 PN 7373299. NOS. $9 each

(COM-3196)  Seat, Spring Ride- with cushions, NSN 2540-01-292-3000, PN 11640442-3. NOS. $399 each

(COM-3195)  Oil Line for Injection pump.  Multifuel engine application.  New. $39

(COM-3194)  Locking Ring, for 20” Split Rims. NSN 2530-00-738-9061, PN 6035768-2. NOS. $45 each

(COM-3193)  Toe Board- transmission tower cover, NSN 2510-00-403-0917, PN 7370250, NOS. $3.75 each

(COM-3192)  Filter, Pre Heater Fluid, Multifuel diesel engine, NSN 2910-00-884-1211, PN 10935646, NOS. $4.00 each

(COM-3191)  Windshield wiper control/air switch. NSN 4820-00-753-9695; PN 7539695. NOS. $37 each

(COM-3190)  Solenoid- electric, Air Horn , NSN 5945-01-170-0553, PN MS17981-2. NOS. $110 each as shown

(COM-3189)  Remote Reservoir kit for Hydraulic Brake Systems. New Kit as shown. $115 per kit

(COM-3188)  Camshaft Thrust Plate for Multifuel Engine. NSN: 2815-00-861-3831, PN: 10889837. NOS. $9.00 each

(COM-3187)  Retainer, Left Side Engine Cover Hinge Retainer. PN 7372737. NSN 5340-00-693-0595. $7.00 each

(COM-3186)  Retainer, Right Side Engine Cover Hinge Retainer. PN 7372739

NSN 2510-00-737-2739. NOS. $11 each

(COM-3185)  Dashboard replacement panel- Universal holes- may require fill/drill. PN 19207, NSN 2510-00-451-8117. NOS. $325 each

(COM-3184)  Cover- Front Marker Light Wiring protector/Cover (Mounts underneath front fender). NSN 2510-21-892-2936, PN 1507397581. NOS. $3.75 each

(COM-3183)  Short Foot Pedal. NSN:2520-00-752-0975, PN: 7520975. NOS. $10 each

(COM-3182)  Long Foot Pedal. NSN:2530-00-740-9448, PN: 7409448. NOS. $25 each

(COM-3181)  Foot Pedal Pads. NSN: 2540-00-752-0971, PN: 7520971. NOS. $4 each

(COM-3180)  Throttle Linkage Bracket Support. NSN :2520-00-421-1595, PN: 10896277. NOS. $3.00 each

(COM-3179)  Slave/Jumper Cable Connector Adapter. Converts 2 pic to NATO 1 pin.

NSN: 5935-00-322-8959, PN: 11677570. $85 each

(COM-3178)  Complete Driver side door. Loaded with window glass and operators. NSN: 2510-00-737-3293, PN: 7373293. NOS. $895 each

(COM-3177)  Rod Assy., Stabilizer Vehicle Gate. NSN 2510-00-123-0278, PN 10937885 NOS $95 each

(COM-3176)  Fuel Filler Neck for Multifuel powered trucks. NSN 2590-00-752-9138, PN MS90908-1 NOS. $31 each

(COM-3175)  Brake Line. 19” Flexible. Front Position. Common. NSN: 4720-00-203-9515 PN 7409330.  NOS. $7.00 each

(COM-3174)  Brake Line, 28” Flexible. Rear position. NSN: 4720-01-426-7853, PN: J1401 $45 each

(COM-3173)  Accelerator Pedal Pivot Pin/Straight Headed Pin. NSN: 5315-00-338-1621, PN: 7539131. NEW. $2.25 each

(COM-3168)  Clutch Link Pin. NSN: 5315-00-737-3224, PN: 7373224. NOS. $7.00 each

(COM-3170)  Front Windshield Latch Bracket.  NSN: 2570-00-737-3326, PN 7373326. NOS. $2.75 each

(COM-3169) Window Regulator Pin/Fastener. NSN: 2540-00-562-0422,  PN:7529309.  NOS $8.50 each

(COM-3168)  Door check/Stop. NSN:2510-00-057-1641, PN: 8757842. $13.00 each

(COM-3167) Air Line for dashboard mounted air gauge. NSN- 4720-00-727-1627, PN 8741776. NOS. $27.00 each

(COM-3165) Arctic Grille Cover, PN 11664561 NSN 5340-00-177-6159. $55 each

(COM-3164) Oil Filter Housing w/ Filter Element and gaskets for Multifuel Engine powered trucks. $39 each  

(COM-3163) Antenna Mounting Bracket All Models/”Sugar Scoop” Style.  NSN 5340-01-215-1054, Part# A3017142. NOS $39. each

(COM-3162) SUPPORT Pole/”pogo stick”- NOS Glad Hand / Air Hose / Cable Support for 5th Wheel Tractors. NSN 2510-00-741-3490.  NOS. $85.00 each 

(COM-3161) Bed Pocket Upright/Bow End - Left Front/ Right Rear cargo bed side rail vertical support, Metal construction.  NSN 2510-00-622-3932, PN 7397996.  NOS.  $17.00 each

(COM-3160) Tail Gate Bumper.  PN 7529296, NSN 5340-00-689-7213.  NEW.  $3.75 each

(COM-3159) Exhaust Manifold Gasket for Multifuel engines.  NOS.  $3.00 each

(COM-3158) Troop Seat Retainer.  PN 7372788, NSN 5340-00-737-2788.  NOS.  $2.25 each

(COM-3157) Horn Button wire Lead. PN XH2667, NSN 5995-00-752-1492.  NOS. $2.25 each

(COM-3156) Fender welt -Vinyl- for front fender- cushions and insulates fender from cab- great restoration item.  NOS. 2 welts per kit.  $15 per kit each

(COM-3155) Fender welt 70 inches in length-Vinyl- for front fender- cushions and insulates fender from cab- great restoration item.  NOS. $19 each

(COM-3154) Fender welt for M35A2-Vinyl- for lower section of front fender- cushions and insulates fender from cab- great restoration item.  NOS.  $10 each

(COM-3153) End curtain for cargo bed cover system.  No rope included.  These are NOS.  Choice of canvas or vinyl Note: the canvas curtain may be dry, thin or loose. $20 each

(COM-3152) Banjo brake line Fitting. New Old Stock. PN-5298521, NSN- 4730-00-278-5812. $4.00 each

(COM-3151) Tappet For Multifuel powered Trucks. NOS. NSN: 2910-00-907-0673, PN: 10947156. $98 each

(COM-3150) Intake Manifold Gasket for Multifuel powered trucks. $9.00 each

(COM-3149) Turbo Mount Gasket.  M35A2/Multifuel 5 ton. New Old Stock. PN-11641832, NSN-5330-01-153-1832. $10 each

(COM-3148) Hood Catch- lower. PN-7539218, NSN-5340-00-278-0213. $2.00 each

(COM-3147) Steering Wheel Puller, NOS, $145 per kit


(COM-3000)  Cargo cover BOW CORNERS- good used $35 each (whsebin), NEW in stock $44 each
(COM-3001)  Seat cushions- good used- spring ride/box/bench- $75 each- NEW Passenger bottoms- $200 each

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3002)  Passenger step/battery compartment- take off $275
(COM-3003)  Fuel tanks- good take outs - cargo/tractor/wrecker- call
(COM-3007)  Battery hold down- good used $35 each (whsebin)

(COM-3008)  Bumperette for rear of trucks – good used $45 each (M35backrm)

(COM-3009)  NEW Heater bracket kits- for 2 1/2 ton and 5 ton trucks- mounts to frame inside of fender to place hot water heater on, comes with long hoses, and misc. hardware $175

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3010)  Air tank quick drain kit- 1 kit per truck $75 NSN 5315-01-122-7741  PN MS17986C509
(COM-3012)  Cargo Bed Tie down hook- weld into cargo bed NEW- $15 each 
(COM-3013)  Hood Hinge- New $48 each 

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3014)  Oil Pressure sending unit for multifuel engines – good used $25
(COM-3015)  Regulator- 24 Volt- New $125


Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3016)  Oil Cooler/Oil Filter housing for Multifuel engine- good used $85 (backrm)
(COM-3017)  In Tank Fuel Pump- for Multifuel powered trucks- NEW $425/good used $225 

NSN 2910-00-148-1612  PN 10947344

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3020)  Solenoid- for starter- NEW $75 


Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3021)  Cab soft tops- new lightweight vinyl with rope - $325

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3022)  Mirror brackets- assorted- call 


Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3023)  Relay, Remote, starter.  NSN: 5945-00-636-8779, PN: 6183391.  NOS. $110 each.  Good used $55 each
(COM-3024)  Door lock operators- left and right side available -New $100 

Right NSN 2540-00-737-3277  PN 7373277

Left NSN 2540-00-737-3276 PN 7373276

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3027)  Glove Box inserts- good used $50 (M35rm)

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3029)  Radiator Braces for multifuel engines- good used- $75 
(COM-3030)  Brake light switch for Brake booster NEW $45  

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3031)  Rear cargo bed covers (M35, 5 Ton, M105 Trailer, etc.), good used  call for $


(COM-3032)  Windshield frames- good used $150 ( no glass included) 

(COM-3033)  Cylinder heads with intake and exhaust manifolds, for Mulitfuel engines 2 1/2 ton & 5 ton $350

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3034)  Cab Hard tops for 2 ton and 800 series 5-Ton, Steel with sliding rear window, various conditions- call or email for pricing

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3035)  Spring Saddle, Top, Good Used $90 per pair with bumper, $70 per pair without bumper.

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3036)  Oil fill caps New $20 Used $15/Radiator caps New $25 for multifuel engines
(COM-3037)  Low Air Buzzer- good used $50
(COM-3038)  Glad Hands/Air connectors - good used $25
(COM-3039)  Rear D-Ring mounts and shackles- for rear of truck  $75 per set 

(COM-3040) PTO Power Take Off- Transfercase mounted for 2 1/2 ton trucks NEW $1100    Good Used $800

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3041) PTO Power Take off – transmission mounted- Forward/Reverse for front Winch application – Good used with gasket $600.  Mounting studs also available ( M35rm)

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3042)  Mushroom caps/breather caps PN 10917048, NSN 2940-00-876-8544 for 2 1/2  ton and multi-fuel 5 ton NEW $14 each

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3043)  Spring ride seats with good cushions for 2 1/2 ton and 5 ton trucks $225 each

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3046)  New windshield complete with frame and gasket.  Fits M35, M54 and M809 series trucks.  Left or right position. $245 each

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3047)  2 1/2 ton and 5 ton multifuel flywheels- used $125

Click photos for larger images.

(COM-3049)  Headlight support NEW $125  Good used with light buckets $80

(COM-3050)  Parking Brake drum- good used $50
(COM-3052)  Hood latches-NEW $35 each
(COM-3053)  Tie down loops – NEW- $20 each (M35rm)
(COM-3054)  Air glad hand hose with  regulator and gauge New $100  Used $50
(COM-3055L)  Regulator, Vehicle Window (Left Hand). NSN: 2540-00-693-0602 (Old NSN: 2510-00-303-4871, 2510-00-338-8814) PN: 7378289 NOS. $125 each
(COM-3055R) Regulator, Vehicle Window (Right Hand). NSN: 2540-00-693-0603 (Old NSN: 2510-00-699-9559, 2510-00-303-4872) PN: 7378290 NOS. $125
(COM-3056)  Windshield wiper upgrade kit - electric good used $425
(COM-3058)  Shock for spring ride seat $65
(COM-3060)  Wheel Studs- extra long $9 each (Comprm)
(COM-3062)  Front Main seal for Multifuel engines $45
(COM-3064)  Valve Cover Gasket- New for multifuel engines $45 per side (Backrm)
(COM-3065)  Shifter knobs $12
(COM-3066)  Seat Passenger with good used cushion $225  without cushions $125
(COM-3067)  Head gasket sets for Multifuel engines -Head gasket w/ separate fire rings-$85 (per head)/Head gasket w/ Integral fire rings-$120 (per head)
(COM-3068)  Turbo charger complete for multifuel engine $700
(COM-3069)  Air pressure gauge NEW $65
(COM-3073)  Rear Main Engine Seal for multifuel diesel engines - $55
(COM-3074)  Rebuilt fuel injection pump for 2 1/2 Ton and 5 Ton multifuel engines - $1299 with core
(COM-3075)  Engine Containers for Multifuel engines- sealable $275


Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3076)  Horn, electric, 24 volt, used $50 
(COM-3077)    Wheel studs- standard length $7.00 each
(COM-3078)    ACCESSORY Drive POWER TAKE OFF (PTO)- Will mount to your winch PTO and allow you to run power towards the rear of your truck    for Accessory or Dump truck $600 each (M35rm)

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3079)    Stabilizer jacks and plates for expandable van trucks- set of 4 with plates $375
(COM-3080)    Steering wheel- 20” used with some cracking $85, NEW 20” and New 18” wheels in stock $215
(COM-3082)  2 1/2 ton & 5 ton Fuel tank brackets - Used $50 / New $100  each

Click photo for larger image.

(COM-3084)  Compressor, air.  Applicable to all Multi-Fuel diesel engine powered trucks.  NSN: 4310-00-863-3155, PN: N-7502-E.  NOS. $225 SPECIAL PRICE.  Good used available for $115 each

(COM-3085)    Winch Hydraulic, will work on 2 1/2 ton & 5 ton trucks for remote mount- Pumps/Tanks/Valves/Drive Shafts/Accessory PTO in stock too 

Click the photos for larger images!

(COM-3086)    Air Tanks - Good used  $55 each
(COM-3088)    Door glass - left and right windows  New - $175 each
(COM-3089)    Boots - for shifter levers - transmission and transfer case - New canvas $47/each (M35rm)
(COM-3090)    Front windshield glass only - New $100
(COM-3091)    Window washer kit - New $125
(COM-3092)    Parking brake shoe set- NSN 2530-01-281-5221, for M35A2, M54, M800- includes inner and outer shoe- NEW $150 per set.  Used with 45% shoe approx $75.  Shoe linings/bell cranks/springs/shoulder bolt- new and used available too – call
(COM-3093)    Door window glass tracks/seals - New  $95/each
(COM-3094)    Main ignition switch - New $89 (loc-Mainrm)
(COM-3095)    Fuel pickup and floats - Used – call ( loc-800rm)

(COM-3097)  Cab top- 3 Color Camo- Heavy Insulated Vinyl- NSN 2540-01-413-3143- NEW- $425 each (loc-Mainrm)


Click the photos for larger images!

(COM-3099)  Alternator bracket for Multifuel/diesel powered trucks # 10889930 - good used $45

(COM-3100)  Belt tensioner for Alternator- good used $20

(COM-3101)  Pedal- fuel for M35/M54/M800 NEW $45
(COM-3102)  Air compressor relief valve- used $30
(COM-3103)  Harmonic Balancer/Pulley for front of crankshaft on Multifuel diesel engines, NSN 2815-00-918-4202 (pn50205) – good used $125
(COM-3104)  Cable to convert from old style Generator to single wire Alternator- new $75  used $45

(COM-3105)  Oil pressure regulator for Multifuel diesel engines – good used $45

(COM-3106)  Engine parts for Mutifuel diesel engines – call (M35rm)
(COM-3107)  Engine Head for Multifuel diesel- good used $300

(COM-3108)   Water Manifold for Multifuel diesel engines- new and used- call

(COM-3109)   Starter button - Used $35  New $55 (M35rm)
(COM-3110)   Washer- felt- # 01-006-8845,  New $ 12 each

(COM-3111)   Parking Brake cable Nut - New $14

(COM-3112)   Cargo Bed Mounting brackets- good used original military $47 each

(COM-3113)   Oil pressure sending unit for Multifuel engines, New $70/Used $35 (M35rm)

(COM-3114)   Radiator mounting springs- Used $7 each/New $14 each (M35rm)

(COM-3115)   Multifuel Injection Pump Drive gear- Used $35

(COM-3116)   Mirror Mounting tabs- New # 2540009336263 $18 each

(COM-3117)   Gasket- new $2.00

(COM-3118)  Fuel bleeder fitting for 2 1/2 ton and 5 ton Multifuel engines- New $14

(COM-3119)  Dipstick, Engine Oil, Threaded.  Multi Fuel diesel engine application.  NSN: 6680-00-887-1334, PN: 10912158. NOS $21 each.  Good used $12 each


(COM-3120)  Engine gaskets- complete gasket set $360, or will sell individual gaskets- call/email needs


(COM-3121)  Cab soft top bow set- NEW- includes 3 bows, bow retainer blocks, instructions, $200 for the kit shown (Backrm)

(COM-3123)  Battery box- NEW- steel $49.99 each

(COM-3124)  Hood Catch- NEW $45

(COM-3125)  Dash Panel retainer clips $ 7.00 EACH

(COM-3126)  Low air pressure warning light NSN 6220011705069 part#12300985- with installation instructions -NEW $50 per kit (Comprm)
(COM-3127)  Water pump for Multifuel engine, good used $125/ New inserts - $195

(COM-3128)  Multifuel in tank pump gasket NSN 5330-00-269-3464- New $23 each (M35rm)

(COM-3129)  Center Bolt- for oil filter canister- NEW $35 each ( M35rm)

(COM-3130)  Clip- Holdown – for Multifuel pre-heater canister, NSN 5340-00-178-6078- new $7 each (m35rm)
(COM-3131)  Parking Brake return spring, NSN 5360-00-342-7071, PN 7373243 - NEW $22 each (M35rm)
(COM-3132)  Nozzle for Multifuel engine pre-heater system- NSN 00-119-3915-Good used $95 each ( M35rm)
(COM-3133)  Retainer for rear main engine crank seal for all multifuel engines NSN 2815-00-930-5966 PN 10889954 - NEW $47.00 each
(COM-3134)  Front main engine crank seal for Multifuel engine- NSN 5330-00-081-3416, PN 10912514 - New $45 each
(COM-3135)  Cylinder Head for Multifeul engines- NEW $500 each ( loc-whse 3rd)  NSN 2815001168310

(COM-3136)  Turbo charger for multifuel engines- NSN 2950-00148-7985- NEW $ 1200

(COM-3137)  Battery hold down J-Bolt- $10 each
(COM-3138)  Oil line for turbo charger on multifuel engines- good used $70
(COM-3139)  Oil cooler for Multifuel engines- Good Used part# 12380113 NSN 2930-01-451-5426 & NSN # 2930-00-860-9334 $110 each
(COM-3140)  Temperature sending unit for Multifuel engines – NEW- $47 each
(COM-3141)  Clasp/Lock- NEW – For engine side covers/tool boxes/inspection covers- $32 each
(COM-3142)  Windshield hinge- good used $ 35 each
(COM-3143)  End Curtain, Canvas, New with rope, NSN2540007416339, $75

(COM-3144) Turbo Charger. NSN: 2950-00-148-7985, PN: 10935279.  For Multifuel 5 ton LDS- can be mounted on 2 1/2 ton LDT, improves Horsepower 15%- Reconditioned- $995. Used Take out $425

(COM-3145) DOOR-Passenger side ONLY, these are brand NEW, NSN 2510-01-083-1112 replaced by NSN 2510-00-737-3294, PN -7397674, Special price $99.00

(COM-3146) Air-tank, New-Old-Stock (NOS), NSN 2530-00-753-9241, PN 7539241, $145

(COM-2060)  Hood Support Rod. NSN: 2510-01-309-3801, PN: 12356794. NOS. $89 each

(ALL-5178)  Fan, Dash Mount, Maradyne Corp., 24 Volt, vehicular. NSN: 4140-01-303-8271 PN: 3301-24V NOS. $29.75 each

(ALL-5177)  Inflator-Gauge Pneumatic Tire. Common Application. NSN: 4910-21-920-4694.  PN: 10603682. Used- excellent condition- $59 each

(ALL-5176)  Lock, pintle hitch. NSN: 2540-21-892-2522, PN: 11609012.  NOS. $15 each

(ALL-5175)  Cushion, seat.  76" by 22" M1070 HET. GREAT FOR CARGO TRUCK BENCH SEATS!  NSN: 2540-01-153-8448, PN: 2540V0800.  NOS. $75 each

(ALL-5174)  Switch, Master Battery disconnect, key controlled.  Common Application.  NSN: N/A, PN: 2484-02-BX.  New. $125

(ALL-5173)  Terminal, negative battery.  Common application.  NSN: 5940-00-549-6583, PN: MS75004-2.  New. $9.00 each

(ALL-5172)  Terminal, positive battery.  Common Application.  NSN: 5940-00-549-6581, PN: MS75004-1.  New. $9.00 each

(ALL-5171) Cargo Cover Super Cord for M35, M809 and M939 Series Troop Carriers/ Cargo Trucks. This is a New replacement for your dry rotted cord. We send enough cord to restring your cover with some extra for good measure.

$129 includes domestic shipping

(ALL-5170)  Fitting, bulkhead.  Common application.  NSN: 4730-01-245-6925, PN: 207ACBHS-4.  NOS. Call For Availability

(ALL-5168)  Beacon light kit. Total length 68 inches.  Kit will include poles, strobe lights mounted, wire, switch, circuit breaker and u-bolts. 

Call for price.

(ALL-5167)  Footman loop.  NSN: 2510-01-199-5748, PN: 1233839-8.  NOS.  $3.45 each

(ALL-5166) Emergency brake shoe, outer shoe. WITHOUT LINING.  NSN: 2530-00-330-2525, PN: 8380559. NOS. $47 each

(ALL-5165)  High Amp voltage converter kit - 70 Amp 24 volt to 12 volt converter with fuse panel, circuit breaker and cables with proper lug ends. - $975.  Cost for the converter only- not as a kit $850

(ALL-5164)  Trim Material. Door edge. NSN: 9390-01-281-4587  PN: 4375BX3/8A. NOS. $4.00 per linear foot

(ALL-5163)  Tow Clamps/Axle clamps- for towing your truck from the axle, will attach to medium or large towbar $175 -set of 2 


Click photo for larger image.

(ALL-5162)  Tow Bar End/Clevis for Recovery Vehicles such as: M51, M74, M88.

NOS. NSN: 2540-00-589-6391, PN: 8383805. NOS. $145 each

(ALL-5161)  One Inch diameter Shackle Pins. NSN: 5315-00-862-2683, PN: 10890323. $13.00 each

(ALL-5160)  Insert, Tow bar, Updated version with reinforced collar, NSN 4710-01-371-7292, PN 7551386-SV. NOS. $99 each insert

(ALL-5159)  TOW BARS with correct military ends for towing your 2 ton M35A2, 5 ton or smaller

Weight approx. 250 lb.

Minimum Leg Extension is 53” and the max is 81” with a 37” leg spread.

Towing capacity 39,000 lb.        $575- as shown

(ALL-5158)  Tow Bar End with pin- for new style tow bars- (see image). NSN 2540-01-577-3988, PN 2512-100-002, Weight 6 lbs. each. Good Used. $225 each.

Use this kit on your M Series Truck!





(ALL-5157)   Towing Kit/Tow Bar kit. Multiple application. NSN 2540-01-577-2423, PN: 3829488. NEW.

Special Reduced Price!!!   $1900 per kit

 Kit Includes: Medium Tow Bar, NSN: 2540-01-577-3693 PN: 3834791      QTY- 1

Adapter, HMMWV Machining ( Tow Bar End), NSN: 2530-01-520-6537, PN: 340624        QTY- 1 Pair

Adapter, MTVR, IBIS TEK ( Aluminum Tow Bar End), NSN- 2540-01-577-3988, PN: 3834905,      QTY- 1 Pair

Link, Tow Bar Adapter, NSN: 2540-01-577-3987, PN: 3834756,       QTY- 1 Pair

Pin, Cargo Body MTG, WLDMTG, NSN: 5315-01-228-0416, PN: 1476010W,          QTY-  1 Pair

Pin, KLIK .31X2.34, NSN: 5315-01-490-7325, PN: 3406240,       QTY- 4

Pin, 1.54X5.13  Tow Bar, NSN: 5315-01-500-5324, PN: 3390992,         QTY- 1 Pair

Pin, Assembly, NSN: 5315-01-520-6541, PN: 3379668, QTY- 1 Pair

Shackle, Anchor Rear, NSN: 4030-01-504-7788, PN: 3442534,      QTY- 1 Pair

Chain, 10.0X.625 ( With Hook ), NSN: 4010-01-577-4959, PN: 3829510,       QTY- 1

 Hose Assembly Intervehicular, RED, NSN: 4720-01-582-5003, PN: 3410506,              QTY- 1

 Hose Assembly Intervehicualr, BLUE, NSN: 4720-01-582-5006, PN: 3410504,         QTY-1 

Harn, Intervehicular, Trailer Cable, NSN: 5995-00-772-8813, PN: 64297CX,              QTY- 1

 Instruction, Tow Bar, PN: 1PP6017,   QTY- 1



(ALL-5156)  Horn Button Kit. NSN 2590-01-093-4152, PN 11677308. NOS. $47 per kit as shown

(ALL-5155)  Boarding ladder with hooks, Steel Construction. NSN 2540-00-735-6179, PN 8757809. 53 lbs. each. NOS. $345 each

(ALL-5145)  Boarding Ladder. 5 Step version, steel construction. Traction steps. Connection to tailgate or bed side will need to be fabricated on your vehicle $595 each

(ALL-5143)  Boarding Ladder. “Hang over tire” version, steel construction. Traction steps. $125 each

(ALL-5142)  Boarding Ladder. 3 Step version, steel construction. Traction steps. Free standing. $295 each

(ALL-5136)  Boarding Ladders, NSN 2540-00-868-5661, New surplus, unissued, 45” Height with 3-steps.  $74 Each
(ALL-5135)  Ladder, Boarding, Aluminum, NSN-2540-01-205-0071, NOS.  With hand rails $1500, without Hand rails $1200 each

(ALL-5154)  Cable with lead- Single Leg Wire Rope Assembly.  Approx. 60 feet long. PN RRW410, NSN 4010-00-264-5062. NOS. $95 each

(ALL-5153)  Socket Wrench, short. PN 11676946. NSN 5120-01-144-8802. NOS. $17 each

(ALL-5152)  Head Light shock Mount. NSN: 5340-01-197-2438. PN : 5591169, 12338607. NOS. $4.00 each

(ALL-5151)  NOS 24 volt Back-up Light for HMMWV, M35A3, M109A4, M939 Can also be used to add back-up lights to M35A2, M809, M715, M54 NSN 6220-01-216-5285 PN 12339712  $45

(ALL-5150)  Pick Axe Head and Handle, US Military Surplus. Sold Separately.  Head $ 64 each.  Handle $ 42 each

(ALL-5149)  Axe with Handle and Wedge, US Military Surplus. Sold as a set.  $125 each set

(ALL-5148) Mattox Head and Handle, US Military Surplus. Sold Separately.  Head $64 each.  Handle $42 each

(ALL-5147)  Hoist Attachment (designed For HEMMTT Truck- Multiple applications) NSN:1055-00-137-4441, PN: 11508999. NOS. $99 each
(ALL-5140)  Glad Hand Seal - applicable to all trucks with air brake connections $12 each

(ALL-5139)  Custom windshields for your M35A2, M35A2, M54/M800, M939 series trucks. These are now available for many truck models, air or electric wiper options, safety glass, will bolt right onto your truck. $900 each (exclusive of wiper system)

(ALL-5138)  Multifuel heater kit with 24-volt blower motor.  New-Old-Stock (NOS), Complete-kit with instructions, NSN 2540-00-903-0451, PN 10937117, various universal applications, $695 per kit  

Out Of Stock

(ALL-5137)  Battery jumper custom cable- allows you to connect a battery charger directly into your Slave Jumper cable connection- NATO style end $395 each

(ALL-5133)  Power-cable for van trucks ( standard & expandable – M185/M109/M934/M820), Very heavy-duty 4-pin cable, 50+ feet long, 4-prong male plug on one end and 4-prong female plug on the other end, these look unused, $399 off reel, $495 on reel.

(ALL-5132)  Cylinder, Ether, Starting-aid , NSN 2910-00-646-9727, PN 12277378, NEW, $62 each

(ALL-5131)  Tire Inflation Hose, with gauge, good used- P/N 10603682, $28 each

(ALL-5130)  SOLD OUT  Swingfire heater, Model# 26 9002 (24 Volt), NSN 2540-12-130-7605, Heat-output up to 40,000 BTU, NOS- 2 only in stock $395 each
(ALL-5129)  Battery heating Pad, NSN 2540-01-236-1175, PN# 12256434 assembly from Arctic heater kit- NOS- $225

(ALL-5128)  Nato Style Slave cable ends for making jumper cables- NEW- $150 per end

(ALL-5127)  Cab Hard Top- With Gunner hole and seal- original military issue- will fit M35A2/A3, and M54 and M800 series trucks $2400  SOLD OUT

(ALL-5126)  Air Governor, new $65each.

(ALL-5125)  Tie down strap with locking hook and 2 loops- NEW- Military Issue $12 each

(ALL-5124)  Blackout Light- Old style- NEW $45 each
(ALL-5122)  Headlight, LED, Heated 12/24V. NSN: 6220-01-616-1079, PN: 13013615. NOS. $895.00 per pair (2).
(ALL-5121)  Rubber wire protector- NEW $5.00 each
(ALL-5120)  Gerry Can spout with integral suction line, NSN 4720-00-542-2795- good used $45

(ALL-5119)  Fuel level float/sender- NSN 2947410-009-24 volt- NEW- $135 Each

(ALL-5118)  Grommet- wire protector- New $4.75 each

(ALL-5116)  Fuel tank float/sending unit-NSN 2947410-003- NEW $ 145

(ALL-5114)  Back up alarm kit- will fit any truck- set-up for 24 volt- $185

(ALL-5112)  Splitter plug- NEW $ 17.00 each (M35rm)

(ALL-5111)  Box seat- old style- with good cushions $ 300 (Doorrm)

(ALL-5110)  Driver Seat-NEW with bottom and back cushions and frame- as shown $485 each

(ALL-5109)  Seat- Will work in many applications, as bottom cushion-NEW- NSN 2540-00-860-0544- $185 each

(ALL-5108)  Cargo Bed Retainer strap- Used $ 35

(ALL-5107)  Tie down loops- go on top rail of cargo bed – good used $45 each

(ALL-5105)  Gerry Can spout $23

(ALL-5104)  Wheel chock, heavy steel construction with chain- good used $90

(ALL-5103)  Lug wrench - heavy cross bar style - $65

(ALL-5102)  Voltage converter 24volt to 12volt - will allow you to run cell phone/GPS/iPod, etc easy install - $75

(ALL-5101)  Electrical connectors- NEW- call

(ALL-5100)  Clearance light- new- 24 volt $36 each

(ALL-5099)  Dome light- new, 24 volt $29

(ALL-5098)  Cable clamp for throttle/shut off cable, etc- New $ 17 each

(ALL-5097)  “Moustache” Spring for park brake shoes, PN 7064466 - New $17

(ALL-5094)  Pulley for Air compressor for Multifuel engines- 2 piece threaded good used $60, new $100

(ALL-5093)  Trailer Plug - New

Temporarily Out Of Stock

(ALL-5091)  Ground Strap - New  $13.00
(ALL-5090)  Throttle cable- NEW $57
(ALL-5089)  TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK!!  Winch, Warn 18 Series - 18,000 lb., 24-volt with fairlead, tether controller, brand new in factory supplied box.  Limited supply. $1985.

Factory winch mounting bracket brackets now available for these winches- NEW $ 300

(ALL-5088)  Mud flaps- New- $75 each
(ALL-5087)  Supports for cargo bed side racks- good used $45 each (Wrhsebin)
(ALL-5086)  Windshield gasket- NEW $45 (M35rm)
(ALL-5085)  Work lights for 24 volt bulbs- hook to battery terminals- NEW – NO BULBS- $45
(ALL-5083)  Pulley for 24 volt alternator- good used $40, New $65
(ALL-5082)  Fan cooling for 24-volt alternator - Good used $20
(ALL-5081)  U-bolts for gun mount leg behind cab - good used $45/each- aftermarket option available – New- $15 each (M35rm)
(ALL-5080)  Silicon brake fluid - DOT5 - purple in color - New military issue in 1 Gallon cans - $75/each
(ALL-5079)  Bottle Jack - good used, 8 ton up to 30 ton- call for price and availability (Whsebins)  TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT
(ALL-5078)  Bottle Jack - Used 8 - 10 ton  -  $65
(ALL-5077)  Trailer cable with male plug -PN 8382999, NSN 2590-00-040-2366   $125 each
(ALL-5076)  Heater shut off valve - New $29 (M35rm)
(ALL-5075)  Lug nuts - front/inner/outer - $6/each

(ALL-5074)  Cabs - take off - excellent sheet metal –

M35A2/M35A3/M809 cabs.

Bare $1500

With loaded doors $2100

With dash add $225
(ALL-5072)   Work Lights - 24 Volt - New  $200
(ALL-5071)   Mattox with plastic handle and carry bag for head.  New - $97
(ALL-5070)   Gear Oil- Military issue-New in 5 gallon Pail $41 per pail
(ALL-5068)   Beacon Kit  - New with two new beacons  $575    

Out of Stock

See (ALL-5168) for our Custom Beacon Kit

(ALL-5067)   Door Gasket - New $39 each (Comprm)
(ALL-5066)   Shackle - New  $45
(ALL-5065)   Reflector Triangle sets- 3 per set with case NEW $21.00 (Wrhse)
(ALL-5064)   Chain Cover- NEW- canvas $22 each
(ALL-5063)   Heater- for cab- hot water 24 volt, with speed switch- NEW  $350
(ALL-5062)   BACK IN STOCK - JANUARY 2012!    Impact Wrench, 3/4 inch drive, 24 volt - runs from the slave receptacle on your truck $545
(ALL-5061)   Windshield Washer fluid kit- new $125 (M35rm)
(ALL-5060)   Mirror and bracket- Left/Drive side only- NEW $85
(ALL-5058)   Seat Belt sets-include 2 female and 2 male ends with webbing- NEW $110/Used $50 (Comprm)
(ALL-5057)   West Coast Mirror Heads – NEW $65

(ALL-5056)   Generator24 Volt, requires remote regulator- good used- NSN 2920-01-190-2709- $275

(TR-101)   M105 Trailer Beds good for shortened/bobbed truck projects- $395 each

These are sample photos only and are just for reference.

Click photo for larger image.

(ALL-5054)  Parking brake handles- 2 styles- new $95  Used $75 (M35rm)

Click photo for larger image.

(ALL-5053)  Inner tubes for all size tires

Click photo for larger image.

(ALL-5051)  Used head light buckets with bulbs, 24 volt $42

Click photo for larger image.

(ALL-5050)  Bridge weight plates with mounting brace and number set- used $35 (M35rm)

Click photo for larger image.

(ALL-5048)  Circuit breaker, good used $35 
(ALL-5047)  Button horn/siren- foot operated, new $50 
(ALL-5046)  Pre heater control switch for multifuel diesel engines, good used $35 
(ALL-5045)  Switch, Headlight dimmer, foot operated.  NSN: 2590-00-801-2355, PN: 8396186.  NOS. $21 each.  Used $19 each

Click photo for larger image.

(ALL-5044)  Master switch part# 8380699 NSN 7565880-013, New $80
(ALL-5043)  Front Window Hinge/Prop for 2 1/2 ton, 5 ton, many others - good used $10 (Comprm)
(ALL-5042)  Flasher unit for turn signal NEW $65 

Click photo for larger image.

(ALL-5041)  Lug wrench set with crossbar- good used $45 

Click photo for larger image.

(ALL-5040)  Wheel chocks with chain, wood USED-$35 (loc-mainrm) 
(ALL-5039)  24 volt alternators, 1- wire, for all types of trucks. 60 Amp. NSN 2920-00-909-2483, PN 10929868. good used $300. Rebuilt $450 ( core exchange)


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(ALL-5038)  24-Volt Light Bulbs - Small $2/each  Large $3/each

(ALL-5034)  Turn signal handle  part# 11613632-1 NSN 2947410-010, NEW $65
(ALL-5033)  Head Lights- New 24 Volt $59
(ALL-5032)  Wiper Arms- NEW $24 (M35rm)
(ALL-5031)  Wiper blades - NEW $24 each (M35rm)
(ALL-5030)  Speedometer- part# MS39021-2 NSN 48000830-002, NEW $110
(ALL-5029)  Tachometer part# MS35916-2 NSN 4932162-001, NEW $110
(ALL-5028)  Air horn NEW $110  Good Used $75

(ALL-5027)  Custom Slave jumper cable with NATO single pin ends. Available in 10-foot increment lengths.


10-foot cable - $520

40-foot cable -  $1,180

20-foot cable - $740

50-foot cable -  $1,400

30-foot cable - $960

60-foot cable -  $1,620


(COM-3215)  Cover, protective cap for Slave/Jumper receptacle- NATO style. NSN: 5340-01-315-7223, PN: 12342306.  NOS. $25 each

(COM-3179)  Slave/Jumper Cable Connector Adapter. Converts 2 pic to NATO 1 pin.

NSN: 5935-00-322-8959, PN: 11677570. $85 each

(ALL-5137)  Battery jumper custom cable- allows you to connect a battery charger directly into your Slave Jumper cable connection- NATO style end $395 each

(ALL-5001)  Slave jumper receptacle with leads and screw on cover, 1 pin NATO style plug, made for HMMWV but will fit any truck- PN 5705623, NSN # 2920-01-378-8035,  Brand New $75 each.

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(ALL-5128)  Nato Style Slave cable ends for making jumper cables- NEW- $150 per end

(ALL-5025)  Light switch for all M-series vehicles NEW $95
(ALL-5024)  Dash Clusters- Used $225
(ALL-5023)  Antenna bases $95 (Mainrm)
(ALL-5021)  Dash Light part# s-16122 NSN 2821090-005, New $40 each
(ALL-5020)  Gerry can Brackets - New $75 with strap & good used without strap $35 (M35rm)
(ALL-5019)  Spot Mirrors- good used $21 each (M35rm)

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(ALL-5017)  Pioneer Tool Set rack- good used $95 (Whse)
(ALL-5015)  Windshield wiper motors- air operated New,  Metal $125

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(ALL-5014)  Snow Tire Chains -7.5 x 20, 900x20, 1100x20 single tire-chains. All NOS.  1-each at $75. per tire-chain
(ALL-5012)  Misc handles- winch/transfer/dump/etc- call 
(ALL-5011)  Door handles- PN 7410715  New $45 

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(ALL-5010)  Doors- take outs- with and without window glass- call  

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(ALL-5009)  Reflectors for truck bodies- NEW $15 each 
(ALL-5008)  Straps for Pioneer Tool Kit- set of 3 $40 
(ALL-5007)  Horn Button Kit- New $45 
(ALL-5006)  New Gauges $55 each 


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(ALL-5004)  Battery Disconnect switch- NEW $110 
(ALL-5003)  Rifle mount kits  -  single $75 / double $95  good used


(ALL-5001)  Slave jumper receptacle with leads and screw on cover, 1 pin NATO style plug, made for HMMWV but will fit any truck- NSN # 2920-01-378-0035,  Brand New $75 each.

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(ALL-5000)  Front and rear marker lights - set of 4 new $315

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Oil Filter Adapters for M35A2 and 5 Ton Multi-fuel Diesel Engines 

Convert your M35 or 5 ton with these EASY to install and EASY to maintain spin-on oil filter adapter kits.  These anti-drain back filters allow your engine to gain oil pressure far quicker than the standard canister type oil filters. Price includes two adapters & 2 filters.  $325 per set plus shipping.

Primary Fuel Filter Adapters for M35A2 and 5 ton Multi-fuel Diesel Engines 

This kit replaces the primary fuel canister type filter.  Filter has a drain and is EASY spin on style. Price includes one adapter & 1 filter.  $205 per set plus shipping.

Lockout hubs for your M35 

Price includes two lockout hubs.  $750 per set plus shipping

Secondary Fuel Filter Adapters for M35A2 and 5 Ton Multi-fuel Diesel Engines 

Convert your M35 or 5 ton with these EASY to install and EASY to maintain spin-on secondary fuel filter adapter kits.  $345 Price includes two adapters/2 filters/2 o-rings/2-gaskets.  $345 per set plus shipping.

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