This page is dedicated to the most important part of our business - OUR CUSTOMERS! For a while now, our customers have been sending us photos of how their trucks have been getting busy, getting restored, and getting crazy in the woods. We want to thank them for their business and show the viewers what these trucks CAN DO!


Customer Rides his M35A2 home across America

1976 Dodge W600, 4x4, short wheel base.  Ready for dump bed installation
M109A4 custom Painted for Law Enforcement customer
M35A2 worked on in Eastern Surplus shop. Custom Painted, Super Singles, Snorkel, Winch Extensions and MORE!
M939 Cargo Truck converted to an All Wheel Drive Bus
M35A3 Bobbed for Eastern Surplus Customer

M35A2 with winch, reconditioned and ready for export to Africa for agricultural application

M747, Tank Retriever Trailers, prepared for shipment to South America

Costa Rica- Safari Tour truck- M35A3

M929, AM General Dump truck, with custom winch install and full rear cargo cover

M275, tractor, 5th wheel, freshly processed in Eastern Surplus & Equipment Co. Recon facility


M35A2 Custom Painted for advertisement

M915, frame extended, mulch body added

M813, 6x6, with winch- set for High Water Rescue/Emergency Service

                Watch The Video!  

M931 Plow truck- Hard at work Winter of 2014

M817 dump truck, 6x6, loaded for shipment

Customer Truck In Snow

Safari Trucks in Costa Rica

M939 series Safari Truck Fleet ready for the days travels!

Safari Trucks- ready for action!

1942 Chevrolet CMP Canadian Military Pattern C-15a right hand drive

M109A3 van truck


1955 GMC military issue


M931 tractors supplied for use timber operations in South America

Trailers fully rebuilt and custom painted for service with the U.N.  Ready for shipment to end user

M1101/M1102 LTT trailers ready for export

M817 dump truck and M818- 5th wheel tractor- headed to Eastern Surplus & Equipment Co.

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Commercial Farm in Midwest USA
Sawmill Customer in California

5 ton trucks: M817 dump truck and M813 cargo truck headed to Eastern Surplus & Equipment Co., for REFURBISHING!

M934 Local Police Department

MRAP model M1230 Caiman 6x6

M923 cargo truck, fully reconditioned with 11 foot wide power angle plow

Custom brush truck build

Canopy Safari.  Costa Rica.

M35A2 with custom rear enclosure, built by Eastern Surplus & equipment Co.

Patrick from California- M813 Cargo truck

1964 Dodge W500 dump truck

M923 cargo truck with plow

XM757- 8x8

1975, Dodge W600, 4x4 dump truck


        Click Here for More Pics and Article Rahway Fire Department Welcomes Water Rescue Vehicle to Their Team

M923A1- High water rescue truck- supplied by Eastern Surplus & Equipment Co.

M35A2- custom painted and ready for export to Southeast Asia

M915- AM General tractor, on its way to a job site

MKT Kitchen trailer bodies- being parted out

M923A2 – Custom crew cab, bed and tire mount

Ford F700, 4x4, with Military cargo bed and hydraulic winch set up

2- M817, 6x6 dump trucks- head to the port for shipment to a remote job site

"The GENERAL"- M817 at work in Colorado

M817 dump truck in Northern Maine


Dodge M37B1 with RARE XM711 wrecker

M923 cargo truck prepared and painted for emergency service

M809 series, 6x6, Long wheel base truck headed to Central AFRICA

M109A3 Van Truck with super single tires


M939 series Safari Truck Fleet ready for the days travels!
Camp Meehan- NJ


M35A2- Put to work on PARADE DUTY- Helping out Veterans!

M817, 6x6 dump truck, fully rebuilt and prepared for export- for a construction project

M35A3- Customized and bobbed for Law Enforcement application

Brian M. - California- We customized this M818 5th wheel tractor with a sectioned M35A2 cargo bed

Vintage JD450 track loader being delivered to customer

M543A2 wrecker.  David W
Extended Cab on Bobbed M35A2 Takes 1st Place at the 2014 MTA Show.

Eastern Surplus & Equipment Co. Flatbed trailer- Delivering pallet racks to our NEW PARTS WAREHOUSE!

M1070 with M747 trailer in tow

Custom brush fire truck built on M35A3 chassis

Fire company on High Water Rescue call

Fire Brush Truck on M35A2 chassis

Eastern Surplus M915 tractor and step deck trailer delivering truckload of tires to a customer

M923 Cargo Fire Truck
Customer's M109 Van Truck

2- M809 Long wheel base trucks getting ready for EXPORT

Technicians who participated in the build of this M923 5 ton cargo truck with plow

John Deere at Work

M809 Long Wheel Base Truck- set up for logging application. Rebuilt spares being painted

M817 dump truck with turbo charged engine, super single tires, custom plow install by Eastern Surplus & Equipment Co., in Colorado

M35A3 Four Door Crew Cab Conversion Part of the United Search and Rescue Emergency Services Volunteer Group.

M923 cargo trucks- custom built for end user with front mounted winch, cab Air conditioning and more


                              5 ton truck- M939- A1/A2-

                  Air conditioning upgrade now available

     New AC kit with installation in our shop $4500


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M342A2 dump truck with dodge W250 dump conversion

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M925A1 with custom manufactured BLACK vinyl cargo cover- ready for customer pickup

Click for full image viewClick for full image viewClick for full image viewClick for full image viewClick for full image view

Steve P.- M35A2 with winch.  Serviced and painted at Eastern Surplus

Click for full image viewClick for full image viewClick for full image view M916 cleaned and painted for export
Click for full image viewClick for full image viewClick for full image view M49 fuel tanker truck on M35 chassis
Click for full image viewClick for full image viewClick for full image view


Click for full image viewClick for full image viewClick for full image view M35A2 with lightweight van body
M54A2 Restored

M923 cargo truck outfitted for Municipal user

Bobbed M35A2 with super singles, M105 bed and new cover, camo paint scheme

M35A3 - customized with new rear cargo cover for Law Enforcement customer

M923 - Customized for Law Enforcement application

M35A2 - with winch
M916 heavy haul tractor and trailer- supplied to customer in Central America
NJ Police department- M35A3- customized by Eastern Surplus

M923A2- 5 ton cargo truck- headed to the Oil Fields to work!

M35A2 Used as a stage prop for a Broadway musical in New York, NY

M923- Customized for Emergency rescue- Fabricated light bar bracket, New electric recovery winch, boarding ladder system, full rear cargo cover, Fiberglass cab hard top, super single tires

Parsippany, NJ - FD #5, M923 cargo truck, with elevated air intake system

M998 HMMWV- restored at Eastern Surplus & Equipment Co.

M817 dump truck converted to Plow truck with rear hitch and turbocharger upgrade kit installation

M923 cargo truck and M105 trailer- prepared for fire Department Customer
M998 HMMWV with Hard top and Ring mount forTurret

M35A3- Bobbed & M915 tractor with Super Singles- at the MTA- NJ Swap Meet April 2013

M35A2 being converted to a crew cab-Jesse
M25A2 - April

Bobbed M35A2- Mark F.

Unknown individual driving and M274 Mule Platform truck

M813- 5 ton Cargo truck, mounted on 16 x 20 Michelin XL radial tires


Custom M35A2 - chip body truck.  This truck has it all: Custom built chip body with hydraulic dump system, Electric front winch, Class 3 receiver hitch, Hydraulic power steering upgrade, Super single tires on our own rims, cab hard top, Cleaned and painted throughout.   



Let us know your requirement and we can design build a truck for you!

M35A3 - converted by one of our customers

M109A4 - converted into Advertising/show truck
M915 road tractors- prepared and painted for EXPORT

Randy and Grandson with M35A3

Woodmere, NY FD, custom Painted and outfitted M35A3 cargo truck

1968 M109A3van truck in the desert, Alan
M923 - 5 ton cargo truck- ready to go to customer
Mike C.- M917M817/M920 dump trucks working in North Carolina
Patrick Taylor, California, M35A2C

Keith P. M923A1- with custom built class III hitch, front mounted 18,000 lb winch

Here is our latest project An M342A2 original 2 1/2 ton military dump, We put lots of new stuff on it- all new 11.00 x 20 tires, cleaned and painted, new brakes, brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, axle seals, full PM, etc. Dave Newman, Eastern Surplus & Equipment Co.

M35A3- Bobbed with Custom service body installed, front winch, custom rims and single tires, custom hitch……..


5 ton, M812 cargo conversion, & 2 M1008 pickup trucks from  NJ Municipal Emergency Services

Challie M. Loading M817 dump truck

M35A2 with intercooler installed

Mulch distributor mounted on 5 ton- M814 long wheel base Cab & Chassis with rear axles moved!

M819 and M35A2/M109 - Sam F.

1969 M35A2 with winch- Ralph J.

M816 wrecker “ SNICKER”- Glenn J., after restoration

Custom " Pole Rig" built on M35A2 chassis

M923A1 - Marine Corps League

Romano - M35A2

Bobbed M35A3 - Allen H.

Robert- M109A3 van truck- lock out hubs and winch installed and M105 trailer with new cover

M35A3 converted to Dump truck with Corporate Lettering- Texas

M35A2 - John, UK

Ron - M35A2- Bobbed

M814 - Long wheel base 5 ton truck with 16.00 x 20 Michelin XZL heavy rated tires

M291A2 - 5 ton van truck with Mack ENDT - Turbo Diesel Engine

M818, 5th wheel Tractor - headed to job site

800 Series 5 ton trucks- Hard at work!

Seth, M715 with winch and mud tires, Pennsylvania
Rich & Bill from Pennsylvania- M35A2- Bobbed!
NY STATE- M817 dump with Power angle plow
Kaiser-Jeep,  M724 service truck- ready for shipment to customer

M35A3 converted to dump truck

1944 GMC CCKW army code M8A1 with 3-53T Detroit and Allison Automatic transmission- Phillip- Australia

Gun Truck - M35A2

M944 - 5 ton truck being converted to fire-brush truck

1985 HMMWV- sold September 2011
Bobbed M35A2 being painted earth-brown

M816 wrecker “ SNICKER”- Glenn J.

M35A2 with single tires converted to back country/off road tour vehicle in Costa Rica

M817 Dump truck, with 53 inch Goodyear tires - Daniel - Canada

M818 5th wheel tractor on 53 inch tall Michelin radials (14,000lb per tire rating) - headed to a job site

M916 All wheel Drive Heavy Hauler on test track

John L. - M35A2
M35A2 and M813- getting loaded for EXPORT!

M800 - Long Wheel base -Custom 5 ton boom trucks

David, G. Pennsylvania- M35A2

Chris NJ- M35A2 Bobbed with M105 trailer bed

Steve Bobbed M35A2 with Plow- New Hampshire

Custom rack system built for carrying roof trusses - we can customize your truck too!

2 - M818, 5 ton, 5th wheel tractors - headed to job site

M715 1/4 ton Kaiser jeep pickup

M813 Custom dump truck on super singles - Ready for EXPORT
D.N., Philadelphia, PA- 1970 W300 POWERWAGON 4x4 Dump truck

M35A2 and M818 - Supplied by Eastern Surplus being used on a pipeline installation project February 2011

(note full tire chain sets installed on ALL axles)

M54A2 5 ton cargo truck- mechanical repairs/detailed paint in semi gloss OD

M35A2 with light-weight van body, fitted with new windows, work table, bench seats, interior and exterior work lights

 Joe W. M38A1 jeep and M35A2
 D7 Ready for Export
 Glen J., M35A2 - nicknamed "TUFOR"

Rick, Texas- Long wheel base 800 series 5 ton being converted into crew cab with turbocharged Cummins Diesel

Cat 518 Skidder- headed into the woods of Upstate New York !

Shawn, M52A2 Tractor

2 - M35A3 cargo trucks with caterpillar 3116 Diesel engines and Allison Automatic transmissions, 14 foot long drop side beds installed and 18,000 lb electric winches, brake systems rebuilt, and custom painted

Oshkosh - M911- 25 ton Tank Retriever
Jim P., Illinois - M35A2 with custom M35 based trailer
M817, 5Ton Cummins Diesel powered 6x6 Dump Truck, bed sides extended, fully rebuilt brake system, shipped to the Northern Maine woods
M816 Wrecker- FULLY REBUILT- Headed to the port for EXPORT
M36A2, Long Wheel Base- custom painted and air assist steering upgrade installed
Dillon P. Texas - M715 and M54
M818 with super single tires and tilt deck trailer in tow

M816, Cummins powered Wrecker- 3 color camo paint scheme

Tommy P. - M35A2 with Cummins 8.3 Turbo Diesel Conversion - "Tight Fit"
M35A3 Caterpillar Diesel, Allison automatic, painted Black
M35A2 in our shop under full restoration
Rob K., New Jersey - M35A2 - "bobbed" with Eastern's Custom Single Rims and Goodyear Tires
New Jersey Municipality

Danny - Ohio, M35A2


Felix from Temple PA- M928A2- 5 ton Long wheel base truck- frame extended, with air lift third axle added and scrolling floor aluminum body- hauling Organic Soil/Compost


Jon, Canada, M35A2 mounted with Eastern Surplus Super single wheels/tires and painted by Jon

M51A2 Dump Truck, Stano, S.M. Trombino Properties, Rhode Island
  M813/M810 Cargo trucks ready for export
        M818 fitted with Single tires and Engine TURBO CHARGER UPGRADE
  Andy S., Massachusetts with M818 converted to short wheelbase cargo pulling Tank
5 Ton trucks, 5th wheel & Air Brake conversion Mike, Saskatchewan, Canada
Luc P., Quebec  Canadian M35A2 (MLVW) Medium Logistic Vehicle Wheeled
Steve N., Michigan, M35A2

M812 Bridge trucks - Loaded for EXPORT




M35A2 Cargo truck converted to Hydraulic PTO driven Dump Truck, Custom Painted, Systems Fully Rebuilt, ready for export!

    Gilles C, Canada- M35A2, Michelin XYL 16 x 20 with Combat Rims, Cab Hard top & Roof storage basket.  See M109 camper conversion in AWESOME detail:



  Johnny M., M416 1/4 ton jeep trailer

Leo H, Bucks County Pennsylvania- M35A2, 11 x 20 radial tires, LED lights, winch, painted  


Todd R. from Pennsylvania.  M35A2 converted to dump truck with custom made dump body.



Art from Pennsylvania with M35A2 and .30 Caliber Browning 1919A4 on M31 mount in the bed of the M35A2, and in the background is a Browning M2, .50 Caliber


      Gerry L. & Family with two M818 tractors in Texas
M51A2 dump truck with foam filled tires Dayton Builders LL C, Connecticut  
Rob W. Pennsylvania working on his Dodge WC63 6x6 weapons carrier
  Ben V., Connecticut
      Bill P. from Pennsylvania, M35A2 with M105 Trailer
          Al H. Rochester NY, -  M342A2 21/2 ton dump truck with super single tires & M817 5 ton dump truck with super single tires
Jesse E., Maryland
Jason from New Hampshire - in the process of singling out his M35A2 

His web page:  www.importechnh.com


  Steve S. from Western Mass., Tri-Axle, 14 wheel drive
  Darrin from Canada, Stock Dodge M37 with 2 1/2 ton rockwell top loader rears and 54” tires
  George C., Texas
  Dave Foshee, Texas
Adam B. N.Y.  M52A2 in process and complete restoration!
Alex, Connecticut.  Shortened 5 Ton.
Steve Jones.  M109A2 Van truck in Wyoming.
Gene Dalton, South Jersey.  M813 and Mud Truck
Steve Valles, Florida.  Shown as delivered and as finished
Truck cleaned and painted for Export
Tom, NY state, M35A2 with super singles and M105 Trailer

Kent from Virginia, M35A2 shortened, with air assist power steering, lock-out hubs, and cargo bed


Recently installed Large bypass oil-filter system, spin-on oil filters, pre-lube system - one crank and the oil pressure is at 25lbs before I start the truck.



Chester County Pennsylvania, M812 bridge truck converted to spray truck
Dan B. - North Carolina, M817 Dump Truck with winch.
Augie from Queens, NY We custom painted this truck for Augie, and installed Heat, Power Steering, New Tires, Winch, Hardtop, Full PM service
M819 wrecker, recently restored by one of our vendors
Erik Von Seggern, Escondido California.
Michael Hetherington
Doug Stephens, Brogue PA
Simon, M35A2, New Hampshire
Kent Dryden M35A2
Dave Duthie, Buckingham PA
2- 5 ton M818 tractors headed to a customer, custom painted to their specifications
Ted Greening crossing the Delaware river near Point Pleasant Pennsylvania!
Mark Gatelein, NJ
Alex Seretny custom built crew cab, Connecticut.
Brian Brenner in Haiti. DEUCE IN PARADISE?
John, NY, M342 Dump Truck.
Dustin and his M35A2
Ray Gruber's M35A2.
Tom Lawlor, another one of his GREAT CREATIONS! M35A2, 2 1/2 ton, Replaced the Multifuel/Diesel with a 3208 V8 CAT diesel. It's a 225hp motor. Custom throw out bearing that was longer due to the CAT's engine bell being deeper at the flywheel. The truck is shown loaded with 5 massive Red Oak logs on it: 10,100Lbs of wood. Also added a second stack to the drivers side.....LOUD!!!
Tom Lawlor, Pennsylvania 4 wheel discs, detroit lockers front and rear, high clearance lower pans, NP205 Transfer, 3053A Transmission, 427 Tall Deck Chevy truck motor. PTO's on the Tranny and Transfer and shaft driven Garwood Deuce winch on the front and Garwood winch under the bed in the rear
Erik von Seggern's 5 ton, Escondido CA.
Thomas Edelman, "THE GENERAL," West Virginia
Glenn McCalley, Maryland.
Erik von Seggern, Escondido CA.
Tom Mock, Minnesota, M543A2 being delivered
Les Newman
Tom Woolman M109A3 and Ferret
Fred G. ( Note: Hydraulic pump powering power steering and hydraulic motor to drive winch, this truck also has a propane injection system)
Steve Lehto
Jasper Tenney
Mark Howard
Ken Engle, flat towing his truck to Florida.
Dave Palmatary
Barry Yorwarth
Dan Basko
Ken, Florida
Chris, Virginia

Charles K., New York,  with M62, 5 ton wrecker mounted on 2 1/2 ton M35A2


Earl Beverly

Snow tractor- Farmall C- ready for work!

Gilbert Ashoff

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