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                                                                                                                        5 ton truck- M939- A1/A2-

                                                                                             Air conditioning upgrade now available

                                                                           New AC kit with installation in our shop $4500



5 Ton and Larger Trucks

M816 CUMMINS POWERED HYDRAULIC WRECKER/CRANE,  REBUILT AND CUSTOM PAINTED ---THIS IS A SAMPLE TRUCK---- we can build and paint to your specifications, let us know your needs

M813 CUMMINS POWERED CARGO TRUCK,  REBUILT AND CUSTOM PAINTED ---THIS IS A SAMPLE TRUCK---- we can build and paint to your specifications, let us know your needs

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TRUCK SPEC SHEETS:  5 Ton Truck Specifications   900 Series Trucks    939 Truck Specs

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669.  NEW!  Oshkosh HEMTT, Model M-985, 1990 manufacture, Good title, Detroit Diesel Powered, Allison Automatic transmission, Bed sides and knuckle-boom crane will be installed and included.  Call or email for more info


38,800 lb (17,600 kg)


33.4 ft (10.2 m)


8 ft (2.4 m)


9.3 ft (2.8 m)




Detroit Diesel 12.1 liter
445 hp (332 kW)


Allison /5-speed automatic


Hendrickson w/equalizing beam

Ground clearance

24 in (610 mm)

Fuel capacity

155 US gal (587 l)


400 mi (644 km)


62 mph (100 km/h)


657.  1993 Oshkosh M1070 HET (Heavy Equipment Transport) Prime Mover. Military Overhaul in 2008


- Showing 15,215 miles

-Showing 1,075 hours

-Air conditioned cab

-8 Wheel Drive, Front and Rear Axle Steer
-140,000# Design Payload
-53 Mph Cruising Speed
-Seating for 6
-3 Rear Hydraulic Winches
-8 Radial tires and good spare with Central Tire InflationDetroit 8V92T Diesel engine- 500 HP
-Allison CTL 755 Extreme Duty 5 Speed trans
-Oshkosh 30,000 Transfercase
-Designed for a 140,000# payload; Gross Vehicle Weight (lbs): 231,400

657A.  M923A2 - 5 ton cargo truck, Turbo charged 8.3 Cummins Diesel engine, Allison Automatic Transmission, super single tires, All wheel drive- 6x6, dropside bed, cab hard top, Showing multiple military rebuild updates, $18,700 (13-13)

655.  M931, AM General 5th wheel tractor, Cummins Diesel engine, upgraded to spin on fuel and spin on oil filter systems, Allison Automatic transmission, Air brakes, All wheel drive/6x6, excellent tires, Military rebuild tags dated 2001,  showing 39,154 miles and 1765 hours, this truck has been fully serviced and is ready to put into service TODAY- call for details
653.  M945- Bridge Truck, designed to carry floating bridge sections, showing 9,181 miles, front mounted hydraulic winch, rear mounted hydraulic winch and hydraulic A frame assembly, all wheel drive, Cummins diesel, Allison automatic transmission- $23,750
652.  Just in - M911 Oshkosh Tank retriever.  25 ton capacity. 2 rear hydraulic winches 45,000 lb. capacity each. SUPER SPECIAL PRICE $23,500

647.  M813 cargo truck, excellent original condition, full rear cover, serviced, ready to go to work, Cummins diesel engine, email or call for more info- $17,400

645.  Extra Long Wheel Base- Cab & Chassis, Cummins Diesel engines, Double frame, All wheel drive, M800 series with Manual transmission and 2 range transfer case- prices starting at $9,500.  Can be exported!

644.  M931, AM General 5th wheel tractors, Cummins Diesel engine, Allison Automatic transmission, Air brakes, All wheel drive/6x6, Can be supplied on super single tires or dual tires, 10 in stock- call for details
639. M929- Dump trucks- Just Arrived.  Cummins Diesel engines, Allison Automatic transmissions, Super clean, low mileage- call for details- We can export these trucks!
635.  M927 - EXTRA LONG WHEEL BASE, Cummins Diesel, Automatic transmission, Air brakes- more info to follow
624.  M916 - AM General, 5th wheel recovery tractor, Cummins 400 HP turbo Diesel, Caterpillar Automatic Transmission, ALL WHEEL DRIVE, rear hydraulic WINCH, $21,500
622.  SOLD!  M923 Cargo Truck, Cummins Engine, Allison Automatic transmission, Cleaned and painted, Drop side cargo bed, Excellent Tires, Cab Hard Top, Cab Heat, Air Brakes, All wheel Drive, Military rebuild tags, excellent running condition, good title.

More just like this in stock-Call or Email for price (12-3)

618.  SOLD!  M814-LONG WHEEL BASE Cargo truck, 21 foot long bed, Cummins Diesel, All wheel drive, cleaned and painted, Spin on fuel filter upgrade, Showing 8,081 Miles/544 Hours, Military rebuild tag, serviced and ready to go to work $16,750 (11-45)

616.  SOLD!  AM General, M916 ALL WHEEL DRIVE tractor with HYDRAULIC WINCH, CUMMINS BIG CAM III,  400 HP, Super clean, Excellent tires, cleaned and painted, good title, CATERPILLAR Automatic Transmission (11-11) $27,400

615.  EXTRA LONG WHEEL BASE- DUAL 14 x 20 drive tires, heavy reinforced frame, cab heat, Cummins diesel, 5 speed transmission, cab hard top, excellent shape, military rebuild tag, fuel filter spin on upgrade kit installed, ready to put to work- call for price (10-03)

613.  M747 - 60 TON TANK RETRIEVER TRAILERS, 4 axles, SUPER HEAVY DUTY- only 1 left- call NOW!

610.  SOLD - M934A2  expandable van truck, Turbocharged Cummins Diesel, automatic transmission, super single tires, cab hard top- CALL

604.  M920 - All Wheel Drive Tank retriever - $28,900

598.  M818 5th wheel tractor, 5 ton, Cummins diesel, ALL WHEEL DRIVE, (10-90) $9500

592.  SOLD OCTOBER 2011 - M929- Cummins Diesel Powered All wheel Drive Dump Truck, AIR BRAKES, Allison Automatic Transmission, showing 23,641 miles,  Military rebuild tag from 1989, Michelin 14 x 20- 50 inch tall super single tires, Hydraulic Power steering, 2 Range Transfer case ( hi/lo), Cab Hard top, Cab Heat, Engine rebuilt with no miles to date:  Complete in frame kit ( Liners/Pistons/Rings/Bearings/gaskets), reconditioned heads/new injectors/new injection pump/new belts/new hoses/new filters/new fluids, 2- New front window glasses with new gaskets, new wiper motors, new wiper blades, New- Dump bed side racks and cargo cover available.  Call for price.

582.  M916 - AM General, 5th wheel recovery tractor, Cummins 400 HP turbo Diesel, Caterpillar Automatic Transmission, ALL WHEEL DRIVE, rear hydraulic WINCH- 2 available- call ( more pictures to follow)

581.  M105 1 1/2 ton trailers, in LIKE NEW CONDITION, with new or like new tires, air controlled brakes will run from your M35 or 5 Ton truck, $1750, can supply with title for extra cost, also have new vinyl covers if required

571.  AM General M915A1, Tractor, 2 x 4, Cummins 400 turbo Diesel - Big cam III, Allison Automatic, standard 5th wheel pin, 46 inch Michelin radial single tires, super clean- (09-127) call for price on this truck or similar units.

569.  SOLD  M815 CARGO TRUCK - All wheel drive- 6x6, Cummins diesel engine, 53 inch tall tires, Power steering, cleaned and painted, cab heat, new cab top, spin on fuel filter conversion, excellent overall condition, military rebuild tag, showing only 3,371 miles, $17,800 (08-27)

562.  M818 5th wheel tractors, 6x6 All wheel drive- Cummins Diesel engines, 15 in stock-  here are some examples  priced from $9000- $13,000 depending upon condition/miles/options- call for details

557.  M814 Long wheel base, Cummins Diesel, All wheel drive, front mounted PTO driven winch, showing 11,247 miles and 747 Hours, $13,400 (09-109)

550.  Sold!  M817 - 5 ton dump truck with PTO driven winch and Michelin tires.  More to follow. (10-39)

549.  Sold!  M817 - 5 ton dump truck with PTO driven winch and full rear cover.  Heavy lug type tires.  More to follow. (10-38)

546.  M817 – AM General, ALL Wheel Drive Dump Truck, with Cummins Diesel, Front Mounted PTO driven WINCH, Full rear cover, showing 36,928 miles/1351 hours, great shape and nice appearance $19,700 (10-41)

535.  Fixer- upper- AM General M915A1, Tractor, 2 x 4, Cummins 400 turbo Diesel- Big cam III, CATERPILLAR AUTOMATIC 7155, standard 5th wheel pin, runs well, needs some wiring fixed, rear spindle repair, comes with good Pennsylvania title $5999

533.  Sold!  M817 DUMP TRUCK, all wheel drive, Cummins Diesel engine, Very clean, runs great $16,900 (09-115)

517.  AM General M915A1, Tractors, 2 x 4, Cummins 400 turbo Diesel- Big cam III, Allison Automatic, standard 5th wheel pin, 10 available- call

472.  8 in Stock!!!  M820 Cummins Diesel Powered, 5 ton 20 foot long double frame, expandable van body, All wheel drive, can remove van bodies and sell as Cab & Chassis, will have good Pennsylvania titles- Great for long dump beds-Log bunks-Knuckleboom-applications

435.  MORE 5th wheel tractors- excellent selection- Cummins diesel- all wheel drive

462. TOW BARS with correct military ends for towing your 2 ton M35A2, 5 ton or smaller $680- as shown

(5T-631)  Bobber Kit - Everything you need to mount a single axle under your 5 ton truck – includes New u-bolts/Nuts/Washers, good used: Springs with hangers, perches, lower plates with shock absorber tab, upper plates-$995 (upper shock mounts and shock absorbers (new or used) also available for additional cost)

(ALL-5139)  Custom windshields for your M35A2, M35A2, M54/M800, M939 series trucks. These are now available for many truck models, air or electric wiper options, safety glass, will bolt right onto your truck. $900 each (exclusive of wiper system)

468.  16.00 X 20 GOODYEAR AT2A- SUPER SINGLE RADIAL TIRES & RIMS for 5 Ton Trucks-  Radial Tires, 90-95% tread remaining, mounted on rims $895 per wheel/tire.  These rims will allow you to run single tires on your 5 ton truck without having to modify the wheel spacing.

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DUAL 14 x 20 - (Tube type) FLOTATION TIRES ON YOUR 5 TON TRUCK REAR AXLE- Great for off road muddy and sandy conditions where increased ground coverage is mandatory-call for our conversion kit pricing 

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These vehicles are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Member, Military Vehicle Preservation Association

MVPA # 13107